CvS 2 I need help with ken

hey, i jiust wanted to know combos for ken when he is in c-groove? i kind of play keep away but i do not know when or how to pull combos cancelling into supers… i heard you should rush in with ken… can any1 help me out

Here are some optional combos with ken

1-cross up with mk, c.lp, c.fierce XX

 a-hadouken (fierce)
 b-tatsu maki senpuu kyaku (mk or roundhouse)
 c-reverse dp motion + kick (doesn't combo, sort of a mix-up)
 d-level 1 shoryu-reppa XX hurrican kick/hadouken/shoryuken

You heard right that you should rush in with ken but that would only be right in N or K or S groove since he is able to run. You can still play rushdown in C groove but you leave too much time for your oppenent to counter in between your rushdowns since you aren’t able to run

Jumping fk/fp >c.lpx2>>lv.2 shoryureppa>lp roll>shinryuken

do that one when the opponent is near the corner, if he is not then instead doing the super do a fp shoryuken

other combos I use

lkx2>hcf lk
jumping fk>c.fp>hcf fk

Chris, c.hkxxshinryuken— U must cancel right after the sweep or it wont connect.,, c.lkxxshoryu reppa OR shippu jinrakyaku


Once you learn all of the things he can do, you’ll switch from that ass-tastic style just because you want to hit people with his barrage of shit.

First off, the standard ground strings!

  1. (or c.lp) x2, c.HK xx Hadoken

Stock, standard. Everyone who uses Ken knows of this. Use it, don’t abuse it. The c.HK does not combo, so if you see that you hit, you’ve got to do something else to apply damage. We’ll get to that. Use jab if you want to run if afterwards.

  1. x2,, XX hadoken

Combos at close range if you hit the link. An alternate to the above. Again, use jab if you want to run in afterwards.

Now, for the evil shit. The mixups!

  1., c.fp xx Hadoken (Standard)
  2., c.fp xx hcf + lk

These look different, and combo. They also hurt guard meter. I’d use the first more often then the second, because the second tends to miss on small people (Hibiki, Yuri, Nakururu).

  1. x2, hcf + lk
  2. x2, hcf + mk
  3. x2, hcf + hk

It’s the same fucking combo! Why did I list it three separate times?

The first does good guard crush, hits crouchers. The last does good guard crush, misses crouchers, knocks down. Use this to your advantage to appear to quickly cancel to the overhead from the light kicks.

The middle one is mean. If you’re very close, it does even better guard crush than the other two if you connect with the overhead kick on a blocking opponent (what if you hit with the overhead kick on combos 3 and 5? Well, this one is better than combo 5, and the overhead comes out quicker than in combo 3). If you’re NOT that close, hold the mk. It’s exactly (maybe quicker than) the speed in which you would chain Ken’s overhead, if you could, when the opponent is crouching.

  1. x2, c.HK xx qcb + lk
    The hurricane kick moves you forward. It does it so quickly, though, that unless they know its comming, and have good timing, they can’t punish you.

  2. x2, c.HK xx qcb + mk
    Moves you past the opponent, and usually out of jab range. Use sparringly.

Even though I put it in the mixups section, mixup combo 1 is the one I use for damage the majority of the time.

Super Combos

Any close normal, and any crouching normal aside of c.HK can be used to chain into the Shoryureppa and the Shippu Jinrai Kyaku.

Only very close weak attacks and c.HK can be used to chain into the Shinryuken.

Shoryureppa: Tack this on the end of normals only. The level 1 should only be added to weak, close medium, or very close hard attacks because of its sucky range. The level 2 version is only slightly better, and the level 3 version is good for any ground normal links that combo, aside of the max range of the and my favorite, the s.lp, s.fp chain. Never use outside of combos.

Shinryuken: Anti air. That sucks as anti air at level 1. So only use it in the combo at level 1. Or, you can be a smartass and anti air c.fp xx Shinryuken (Good damage at higher levels). At level 2 and 3, it has good (dare I say, awesome?) priority. Also good for block damaging someone to death. Just make sure they die.

Shippu Jinrai Kyaku: Combo only. Combos wherever a Shoryureppa combos, plus also does so at the max range of and combos after a standing FAR fierce punch. Surprises people all the time.

Nice Super Combos:

Jump-in, xx Shinryuken (Gets upwards of 8000 on C-Groove)

Jump-in, s.lp, s.fp xx Shippu Jinrai Kyaku (8280) xx Shippu Jinrai Kyaku

Jump-in, c.fp, Shoryureppa or Shippu Jinrai Kyaku

(Opponent in corner) Jump-in hk,, lp shoryuken, HK Shinryuken

Essentially, what it boils down to, only use the Shoryureppa if you don’t have a Shippu Jinrai Kyaku handy.

Groove Specific:

C-Groove: (opponent near corner) Jump-in,, mp Shoryureppa (on last hit) xx qcb + lp, lp shoryuken, Shinryuken (10144)

Jump-in,, mk shinryuken, (on the way down) qcb + lk, shinryuken (not sure)

(Opponent in corner) lp shoryuken, lv2 shinryuken, (on the way down) qcb + lk, shinryuken

Ken’s strength in C-Groove is the ability to quickly build meter for when he lands a short (or whatever you actually hit with) to add extra damage throughout the fight. Also, with the ability to land level 2 supers, Ken can get better priority on his supers in most situations than others. When C-Groove gets two levels, others are barely checking in their first level (if they can do them at all) which gives Ken an extra edge (For example, if Vice’s beats or trades with Ken’s c.FP, Ken can still beat her attack with a lv 2 Shinryuken) earlier in the fight.


Forward + hk xN,, (qcb + lk), shinryuken

  • the qcb+lk is optional only when your opponent is in the corner. Makes finishing easier and a tad more stylish.

[lp shoryuken xx qcb +lp] x n, shinryuken
-There are various ways to finish this one once you get to the corner. Use as anti-air

(Opponent in corner) Jump-in fk,, lp shoryuken, activate, lp shoryuken xn*, shinryuken.

You can replace the set of lp shoryukens with whatever you want, whenever you want, but I recommend at least doing one, since the opponent will be about belt high when you activate.

Ken’s strength in A-Groove is that he has (overall) easy to do, and easier to remember, and even easier to time custom combos, that have looser restrictions on when he can perform them.


Cannot be crossed up. Small jump.


Ken cannot be zoned. More damaging supers. Long-range knockdown attack. Can deal damage without supers. Running and low jumps give Ken even more options.

Stores supers. Can get level 3 and damage increase on demand.
Running and low jumps.

JD -> Shippu Jinrai Kyaku = Too Good. In this manner only, he plays like Third Strike Ken. Huge damage increase. Land a raged jump-in HK, FP xx FP shoryuken and watch as it takes a third of their health bar (5970).

Quickest ways to lose: Jump in alot, use the hurricane kick alot, overuse the harder dragon punches, use the supers outside of combos.


thansk for hte help guys


Another variation to this one is:

[DP+JP xx standing FP, JP+SK (universal roll)] x N, shinryuken (in corner)

what are his best pokes?? i find crouching strong to beat out certain attacks or trade hits with most of the other pokes.

a great poke is and dose great damage i also like

you can also do the ryu rush down with ken. its run, crouching mp, run, crouching mp, whatever, whatever, etc. its a real pressure maker since its quick and the mp can stop alot of pokes, i think, im not sure if its as good as ryu’s. also, if you mix it up with his flip kick think, the one where he does a sideways flip kick and falls on the opponent, it adds a lot of variety and pressure. the flip kick can stop them from jumping away, and if you add in a hurricane kick or hadoken after a mp, then you, can keep them down and blocking.

Ken’s Pokes

Ken’s best pokes are, s. Forward + HK, s.FP,, and

Here’s how I use each.

S.HK is long range, but with a large recovery time. Enough to get you hurt in close range. It has a little start up time, so they can see it comming and it can be parried. It’s good, but not abusable.

S. Forward +HK is also good, and has more range than It also has more startup, but less recovery. Both HK pokes are to be used a bit more than a body-length away, or further. Even when at a body length away, I feel very uncomfortable using these pokes, and move on to s.FP,, and

S.FP is very underused because it doesn’t seem to be cancelable. It also doesn’t hit crouchers. Despite this, it’s great because of it’s blazing speed. It comes out almost instantly, and it seems you recover a frame or two before your blocking opponent does. This hurts parriers, because usually, they’re not expecting it, and it comes out so quickly. If they flub the parry, or simply get hit, then you can connect a Shippu Jinrai Kyaku after this to turn your opponent’s surprise into your gain. is overused, but it’s because the move is good enough to be abusable. It has good range, and comboability. Try learning how to connect a Shippu Jinrai Kyaku after you land this (very easy to do), much like Ryu can connect a Shinku Hadoken after his s.FP. Be careful of being parried, because people will be expecting this. But is IS fast, which is obviously in your favor. is his worst non-jab poke, range-wise. But it beats out everything under the sun with it’s absurd priority. It’s cancelable to, so make them pay for daring to challenge your fist.

Pseudo poke:
Short Jump HK is dangerous, because it stuns enough to land a super or special when you hit on the way down. It’s also an overhead, being a jumping attack.

A general rule when using his kick-pokes: You’re supposed to hit with the foot and shin. If you get to the knee (or close), you were too close when you attacked.

I’d prefer to Ryu-rushdown with jab. It’s much faster, and it snuffs because of it’s speed, not priority. The problem with using strong is that it’s way too slow. beats alot of stuff, but it doesn’t beat CC activation-attacks, command throws, DPs, and level 2+ supers, and that’s exactly what you’ll eat if you try that.

actually, if youre rushing in with anything and they do any of the things that you mentioned, you will get hit. its called invincibility frames, a jab will get slammed for sure if you rush in with that and especially if you hear a bling, after that, you can just watch your life go down. i know a jab comes out quick, but it cant really stop a lot of attacks. i know it can stop specials, but what about the opponents pokes? even though its fast, its too risky, plus if youre rushing in an mp comes out pretty quick. dp’s will hit almost any attempt to come in if you dont block it, cc activations, or as i like to call them, bling’s, have invincibility frames allowing them to pass through your attack, and hit you, and supers also have those invincibility frames. anyway you rush in, you will eat those attacks, however, im not sure about command grabs, but i know you will rush into a spd type throw. also, im not sure if you can buffer a jab into a super. i believe you can, but you have to be really fast, since a jab doesnt stun the opponent for long. the mp has a longer stun, so a little more time to buffer into a super. now that i think about it, a jab will buffer, but hey, mp ='s more damage.

No doubt, if they catch you jab-rushing or strong-rushing, you’re going to get burned. But strong-rushing gives the opponent a much better opportunity to counter your rush than jab. Not only does strong come out slower, it pushes the opponent back further, meaning not only is your attack slower, you also have to run further to do it again, slowing the rush down even more.

While jab doesn’t beat too many things outright, it snuffs attacks at their startup. When the business end of attacks collide, I agree, jab doesn’t fair well compared to strong, but the opponent has to attack quickly lest their attack be countered before the hitting frames can do their job. Simply put, jab-rushing also stops opponents pokes because most of them are slower than the jab.

Also, a jab rush doesn’t allow the opponent much time to input their commands before another jab is in their face, and they’re blocking/being hit again. The pressure caused by the jab-rush is most effective when you run up and switch on them (try small jump Hk, crossup mk, canceling the jab with a hcf +k attack, and tick throwing). The strong-rush switch is not as effective because the rush itself is slower, so the opponent isn’t being overwhelmed as much.

Not to say that strong-rushing is ineffective, mind you, but I think it works better as a switch-up to jab-rushing, rather than a bread and butter tactic on its own, while jab-rushing stands alone alot better (however, anything done exclusively will get owned, we all know that).

very true and i agree, the jab comes out quick enough to stop an attack before it comes out. however, the strong has more priority to snuff people out of their moves. both are good, however, the thing about the jab is that even though its comes out quick, it doesnt push the opponent back far enough. staying in up close is not good all of the time. you need to give yourself some distance so that they cant poke back at you, even though the jab itself is quick, they can block it, and poke back. the mp pushes the opponent back far enough that some pokes will not reach. all in all, it all comes down to your style of play. if you are an up close rusher that likes to pester the opponent, then the jab works. but if youre a zoning/turtling kind of player, then the mp will work. both are really good.
a good way to set up the rush is to first knock them down. then, as they are getting up, cross them up, then crouching mp, rush. works good. but after two repetitions of the rush, you should start to mix it up since it gets predictable.
as for ken, he can be played both defensively and aggressively. his dp has very good priority, allowing him to turtle pretty good. his fireball is slow and sets the opponent up for a lot of things. however, if you choose to play ken defensively with zoning, then the rush down thing might not work for you.