CvS: Cheese/Cheap Tactics


CvS: Cheese/Cheap Tactics how to avoid them

Hi guys, I’m new here, but I’ve been playing fighting games for a while so I’m no newbie to them. I just have this one problem with freakin’ CvS 1. At the arcade in my school, that’s all we have and this guy consistenly plays Ryu/Ken. All he does is that damn annoying hadouken/shoryuken trap and i find this to be super-cheap. I can win sometimes, but me and my friends are consistenly beaten more often that we can beat him. I have so much difficulty with this tactic and I’ve tried playing against it with like, everyone possible. The most luck I have is with Geese cuz I can outrange his sweeps and the shippukens are good too. Also I can always get the Deadly Rave thru his fireballs, but it’s still hard. It just seems to me that Ryu/Ken have very little weaknessess in this game.

I find that the hadouken has such little delay, that rolling is almost all of the time met with short kicks, and if u try to jump he can get out that jab shoryuken before u can get in there. Do you guys know any surefire tactics against this sort of thing?

I know this probably sounds newb, but I’ve been playing fighters for a long time and this guys timing is just so great, and he almost NEVER messed up dragon punches or hadoukens. I just find this to be super cheap, since it’s so hard to counter.

Also, post other cheese/cheap tactics here, and how you’ve gotten around them.


CvS: Cheese/Cheap Tactics how to avoid them

Well, you could play someone like Yamazaki, and just toss his fireballs back every time. And/or Vice, so you can Super right over a fireball.

Otherwise, I’d say you really just have to read him better. If you KNOW full well a fireball is coming, you should have time to jump over it. Bait an uppercut and pop him a heavy damage combo. It shouldn’t take more than once to stifle his “1337 oldskool fireball trap”.



Yeah I’ve done the Vice super over the fireball thing it’s good… and reflecting back the fireballs is good too, my friend uses Zaki pretty good against it. I dunno, even tho I can win sometimes, I just find this tactic to be so annoying, cheap, whatever, and I can’t see how anyone can play the game and do only that. Just seems so, cowardly. Like in a battle the guy does not advance at all, he just stays on the ground, and if he’s got more life than you, he’ll wait for time-over. When ur on offense, ur like twice as likely to get hurt than on defense.


rush that shit down


What can u use to rush in CvS 1 (maybe I dunno cuz I suck) but there’s no running, no short jumps, parry, just defense, anything that could really help get in close.


Pick Nakoruru, Dhalsim, and another Ratio 1, probably Cammy.

Own that shit down for free.


Pick Guile/Nakoruru

Guile = c.FP, Sobat, LOTS of Sonic Booms.

Nakoruru = cross up always, they can’t do anything


choose ex rugal and use the reflector when he flames you and when he tries to attack use lk. geno cuttah or get all cheesey on his bootah and use tha air dive up in his face… if he wiffs a shoryu possible combo could be unleashed stand hk. into that dash thing or a lv. 3!!! just an idea could werk it any comments?


All right, CvS1!!

EX-Balrog also owns Shotos for free. You can trade your standing fierce for their fireball all day long (you’ll win). Plus, if you have SNK groove EX-Balrog, lvl1 and lvl 3 supers are quite dangerous for people who like to use fireballs too much.

Basically, the best characters boil down to EX or normal Guile, EX-Balrog, Dhalsim, and Blanka.


i can’t believe you didn’t even put Nak in your list of people.


You can use ex Terry and lk power dunk all over the screen or use normal Terry and roll into a lk rising tackle.



Thanks for the tips guys, they’re all great. Just one prob tho, the freakin’ arcade i play at is ghetto as hell and Nak isn’t even unlocked. The arcade owner like resets the game on a regular. Also, I tried playing Balrog against this guy and had major problems. Is there a difference between regular and EX Balrog??


YES!!!.. the supers alone make a difference…


Instead of giving you nowhere one-liners or telling you to pick a character you may not even like, I’ll give you a useful tidbit that it seems I’m the only one in the world that knows about. It’s 3 words


It sounds like bullshit but it works. Consider your other options

Fireball = Stalemate
Roll = Possible throw
Jump towards = DP
Block = position loss and block damage.

If you jump straight up you don’t lose ground, your opponent loses his fireball option, and can’t DP you. Also chances are that because he relies so heavily on the trap, he probably can’t fight you straight up. Just see the fireball, jump straight up, and walk toward him for some mind games.

I don’t know if you’ve actually tried this already, but if not I bet you do a lot better.


jump straight up is homosexual tactic that does nothing.

the guy ur describing sounds A LOT liek me and the good players where i live. i for one, when i do use shotos, just fireball, and uppercut ur ass when u jump. i’ll do 2-3 fireballs upclose, knowing that u’ll block them. i’ll do fireballs far away knowing that u’ll jump/roll/do nothing special. Now i can’t really recommend tactics against this style of play since i hardly loose (not being arrogant, just realistic). Here is my thoughts on recommendations so far:

EX Rog: he seems like a good choice at first, but when ur playing a good player, u’ll start getting hurt soon. Since any good player know that EX-Rog can abuse the jab rush, he will develop an uncanny ability to read when ur gonna do that move. Ken jab SRK will fuck that shit up. If he reads u right, u lose lotta life if he gotz da METER, if not, he loses like 5-7% or whatever it does. Second, fireballs own random rushes for free. Rog just does NOT have many options against fb’s except lucky roll (most cases, he will just get stalemated, and do nothing out of the roll, or worse, get hit by some shorts leading to more damage). His jumping fierce is good against fb’s when ur closer. They lead to good damage (c. jabx2, jab rush punch).

Guile: Guile once again seems like a good choice, but he suffers big time from his predictability. Once he gets the presure game going, u start reading him after a few rounds. We all know Guile players abuse the shit out of c. rh’s, s. rh’s, and sobat’s after blocked sonic booms. SO jab SRK that shit. Worst thing that can happen to you is c. forward; worst thing that can happen to him is he gets jab SRK’ed, then super (with Ken). WIth ryu, he is not as dangerous. But Ryu has more dangerous and safer super options. After blocking a sonic boom, and you predict a poke coming, LVL3 Hurricane that shit. Watch Guile cringe in pain. Anyway, a VERY useful tool against Guile players is FB’s. Match his sonic booms with fb’s, i gaurantee he can NOT keep up. Also, his hand will start to hurt SOON if he tries becaues playing an aggressive or very turtling charge character requires STRONG hands. Trust me i know this from having huge streaks with EX Rog and Remy in 3S.

Dhalsim: Dhalsim is pretty damn effective against most shotos. But he gets owned for free AGAIN in the poking game. Jab SRK’s kill limbs faast, while all that ken and ryu have to worry about is a hard kick from a Ratio1. Second, Dhalsim has NO wakeup, so once u knock his bitch ass down, its over for him. Even his lvl2 anti-air super gets owned by stupid jumpin shit. He gets pressured WAY to easily upclose. Jumping jabs/shorts also own him hard. ANd since he’s such a bitch upclose, he starts to turtle, since he has no “get off me pokes”. This leads to him gettin owned by throws, tick throws, dash throws, empty jump in throws, whiff throws…etc. Also, since his kicks and punches are long range but SLOOOW, ken or ryu have NO problem advancing on him just by rolling. Remember, they may eat a few Ratio1 kicks on the way there, but once they get in on him, its game over for him.

Nak: I don’t use her at all, and nobody that still plays the game does so either. SHe’s an overrated character IMO, and Guile/Ken/Ryu are better characters. Yes she has fucked up crossup, yes she does have easy damaging bread and butter combo and yes she does have fucking annoying air game if played right, but she takes damage like a bitch, and her j. short gets owned by fierce Ryu SRK and DEEP jab Ken SRK. The best thing she’s got against shotos bros is that they can’t deal with her crossup unless u train urself to do backwards SRK’s (which destroy her crossup) or u just roll.


lol… the straight up tactic isnt “homosexual” if the person actually RELIES on the the DP/FB tactic… if you jump straight up, he will have to jump in at you with something, or change is attack pattern, opening up your options. Also, Nak IS still used, overrated… maybe, but still hella useful. Crossup that shit~


Strong hands eh, you must be pleasing yourself at home alot :P. Nah j/k, the jump up strat DOES yes does work, against low class players. Do not rely so much on this strat, throw it out sometimes. You will know if he sucks because he will either A.) Jump after you or roll. or do the smart thing B.) throw another fireball. Though this smart thing of throwing the fireball should be timed right. Watch his pattern if you know postively hes gonna throw a fire ball do a jump in fierce attack into combo then whiff a couple jabs infront of the fallen body so hell throw out a dragon punch when coming out. This is so you can block it and walk in throw. Just play smart, if you know what your oppenent is going to do adapt to what can counter that strat and use it. Look for a baiting game while you play, like does he do diffrent attacks to lure you in or do you do things to get him. You want to always mix it up or a pattern of your playstyle will be revealed leaving you to be too predictable. I hope this helps, its not your characters its your play style. You just needed a few pointers so you could learn how to play street fighter.


When you jump straight up over it, you want to time your jump early so that you land immediately after the fireball passes. Simply because he cannot throw another fireball while his is still on the screen and landing asap gives you more time to take advantage of this. This is a useful strategy and works on advanced players as well.