CvS Help

Last night I was practicing Honda’s super vs psycho crusher. If you block all 3 hits of fierce psycho crusher then input Honda’s super, he will fly toward dictator and hit him from behind while dic is still mid air.

I know honda can go the wrong way with a normal headbutt too, but I don’t know the timing of it.

Does this happen with every charge move when someone is crossing up? It seems very useful.

On a side note, I swear no matter how long I wait after Ken’s fierce shoryu or super misses me, the next button I input goes the wrong way and misses ken after he crosses up. :frowning:

I’m the only person that has seen a charge move execute in the opposite direction that you intend?

My take is it will happen whenever you input the attack button press after 1) hitting the last needed stick input (usually towards or up) and 2) having been just crossed up, i.e., switching sides with the opponent.

And I think it is a wise policy to just hit Ken before he lands, after either a fierce SRK or a super.

I think it would be very useful for people that play charge characters if they can hit opponents with a reverse charge when someone tries to cross them up. I’ve only had it come out on accident until I started practicing it yesterday. I’ve never heard of anyone trying to use that in part of their gameplay either.

The ken part isn’t a big deal, I’m just facing the wrong way for a long time when it should be easy to hit him after fierce shoryu

Apparently this is called CvS Help? Is there away to get moves to come out backwards consistently? I’ve only practiced it with Honda’s super so far.