CVS Throw question

If you’re in a situation where you can reversal (landing, getting up, after blocking, hitstun, whatever), there is a certain time afterwards where you CANNOT be thrown. I think it’s like 5/6 frames or something?

This might be a dumb question, but here it is anyways.

Does this “no-throw” time carry over to any move you do during this time? Or is it cancelled when you perform an attack?

I’m guessing it stays. But I’m just wondering with say, Gief, could I grab them if they attack?

I have never before heard of this time where you cannot be thrown.

you’re kidding right?

It’s pretty much in everygame, you cannot be thrown immeadiately after getting up from a knockdown. That would fuck any character without an uppercut against Zangief (damn 0 frame grab). As for the question, I have been wonering that too.

I would also like to know.
I know in KOF if you do a move, you can be thrown out of it. I’d test it if I had a CvS2 at home, but I don’t :frowning:

You can test this by making someone do a reversal special that takes a long time to come up but still leaves them on the ground. Best thing to test would be with a taunt that doesn’t hit.

thats right, its in every game basicly, and its 6 frames btw

No, you cannot be thrown under any circumstances until 6 frames have passed. For normal throws, the game won’t even let you attempt to throw until 6 frames have passed. Since most normal grabs are 3 frames, that theoretically makes it 9 frames where you cannot be thrown after waking up in most cases. Well timed command throws will be able to grab right on the 7th frame after you get up though.

9 frames might sound like a lot, but it’s really only 9/60ths of a second, or about .15 seconds. The vast majority of us don’t have reactions that fast, so throws are still a powerful part of any good mix up on a rising opponent.

RCing a move adds about 3 frames to it. With this in mind, wake up RC moves that either hit in 3 frames or less or leave the ground in 3 frames or less or totally immune to throws. Wake up moves that are off the ground or hit within 6 frames should be immune to normal throws only.

Examples would be Rolento’s RC KKK hop, Mai’s RC wall dive, Shoto RC hurricane kicks. These are all really buff wake up moves and effectively kill almost any wake up mix ups you might have. Counters to these RCed wake ups are totally character dependant.

Examples of wake up RCs that should be immune to normal throws only would be Chun RC legs, Vega RC rolling claw, Eagle’s RC spinny move, and Todo’s RC grab. Keep in mind you should also be getting reversals.

I did not know that. So what about Blanka’s wakeup RC electric? You can’t throw him out of that on wakeup… so basically you gotta make him whiff… and punish? This whole thing really kills alot of possible wakeup games… since I always thought you could throw wakeup RC attempts…

No, Blanka’s wake up RC elec is very throwable, as are most moves that people generally wake up with.

This feature was in every Street Fighter? I didn’t think SF2 had this. I always thought that was part of why ticks were so gay in that game–plus instant throws.

In ST, you have to dp throws , unless your throw has alot of priority (Bison,Dhalsim,Chun-li) and against command throws like hondas oicho (you can mash on punch after holding a hcb) you could hold up and still get grabbed from a tick. They should have named ST… Street fighter 2: Super Throw.

I know what you mean about throws being crazy in ST. But you can’t throw people right when they get up, or when they’re landing from being hit out of the air in ST. So I guess it must be in OG SF in some ways.

I don’t think throws had any real priority over other throws in Old SF either. Maybe some has more range, but you could counter throw with everyone. You HAVE to against Honda sometimes.

after u knock some1 down, blanka has the strongest mindgame prolly from any character… u can do RC elec, if u think they gonna throw, do it a few frames early and MASH it out (timing is tricky), making it unthrowable (but unsafe), combo, crossup chip dmg, just about anything…

I’ve seen others do this but never me. Get knocked down, Blanka rc’s elec as you’re getting up so you activate as a reversal. Most players at that point will walk back after their activation, hoping electricity stops before their invincibility does.
Can they just throw Blanka? Or does CC activation have it’s own throw quirks? Normally to throw him, you need to be as close as possible without touching. In this case, you’re closer than that, but still standing.

if he whiffs RC elec, and u wake up with activation, he can hop back on reaction to it, also whenever blanka does RC elec, he moves FORWARD, so throw range is much more longer (also cuz hes techncially “rolling”)