CVS to stop selling Cigarettes starting October 2014


Looks like you negros will have to go elsewhere for Newports… :lol:

Seriously, I never thought I would see such a move from a major company.
While there is pretty much no benefit to smoking, Im sure companies make significant profit by selling them.

does this affect your decision to shop there or not?


walmart or target already did this…this isnt as big as people think. also they’re trying to brand themselves as some sort of health store. so it contradicts their whole image, it makes sense.


doesn’t one of those pharmacies not sell booze either? these kinds of places are a hassle to buy cigarettes at anyway


And not a fuck was given. Don’t most of those addicts get their fixes from supermarkets and gas stations, anyway?


wtf, cvs is where i get most of my black n milds. oh well. cvs in cali and nevada sells liquor and beer, i wonder if we will see something about that soon.


They might’ve considered the future of ecigs competition going along with green industry.

There’s not really a good reason to switch back other than the convenience of lighting one up when you’re by yourself. Vape in any bathroom and rejoice in not being afraid of being labeled an addict :rofl:.


CVS charges more than other places for virtually everything. There are only left in this part of the state. It’s the Starbucks of pharmacies up here.

And by that, I mean they don’t flourish.


Have you made the switch, then? Been planning to.


cvs2 will start selling cigerettes



I’ve been vaping since July. The day I got my ecig I finished my last pack of Camel Lights and never looked back.


Americans are stupid.

Still have yet to fix your broken health care system, yet this is how you prattle away your precious time, in fruitless endeavors.
CVS, a pharmacy, not a supermarket mind you, still sells foods & snacks eh?
Yeah, because that’s what Americans need more of. Coz they aren’t morbidly obese enough I guess.

Way to miss the fucking point people.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This is sooooooo the wrong place to start that youtube shit.

Started with a V2 then upgraded to a Kanger 3T. Apparently they need about 20 years or more to solidify the research but what I’ve read I can say the general consensus is that it’s smoking but 99% without the risks. Varying nicotine strengths for light to heavy smokers:

On dat grape flavor atm.


Personally wouldn’t mind if cigarettes got banned all together, and e-cigs are nothing but a substitute for the habit. When I was in the military, the only place I’d buy smokes were on base because they didn’t tax that shit at all.


Red Bull and products like it should go before tobacco


ive never tried real cigarettes but I did try a mint flavored e-cig and I thought it tasted like shit…

But if other people like it I don’t mind at all, I just thought the taste was terrible.

They also banned ANY type of cigs across all the University of California schools.




I like your schtick, I really do, but you need to take some time and hone your craft. You’re rushing through without knowing your destination.


Smoking destroys your sense of taste. I light up a malboro occasionally and I definitely understand why non-smokers loathe the taste of tobacco. Taste isn’t as important as is a good throat hit and nicotine rush when you’ve been at it for years. If you vape for a fews days to a week and then go back to regular tobacco it’ll make sense. Plus you’ll breathe better :rofl:.


i smoke black n milds every now and then. a few years ago, twice a week every week, blast through a couple packs. anyways, whats crazy, is that rare time maybe once a year where i just need a smoke and was in the club, i would bum a cig and the next day would be the absolute worst. talk about smoking poison. ive never in my life felt like that after black n mild wood and filter tips. one time i remember just taking a couple hits and saying never again for eternity. even back in 99/00 when i would smoke newports once a week when we went out, i spent hours the next day doing breathing exercises just to try to bring my shit back to life. those cigs are just the worst man.

i have absolutely zero clue how anyone smokes cigs on a regular. if you have gotten your lungs use to that garbage, then your shits fucked up, and you need to stop. black n milds have been my thing casually for a minute, and even when they were my norm just 3-4 years ago, one cig, one fucking cig would have me feeling like complete shit the next day, and ive blown through packs of blacks in one day and just woke up like business as usual. im not even really an inhaler, more a puffer with little inhale, and even “puffin” one cig is too much for me.

if you gonna smoke some cigs, roll your own shit mane, dont smoke that poison out there. im sure blacks obviously arent great for you either, but they are no where near as bad as your typical commercial cig. just simple trial and error taught me that.

ive truly never been a fan of cigs, even when i was young and we got our packs for when we would turn up and go out for the weekend. ive never felt like, oh this isnt so bad. it was always shitty. i guess people just like not being able to breathe or something. lol


I know you can get cigs at Walmart still, in this area at least.

It’s counterintuitive for a pharmacy to be selling cigarettes anyway. Good move on CVS.