CVS1 EX characters

No Gigaton Blow,
No Dashing Ground Punch
No Dasing Ground Uppercut
No Buffalo Head-Butt
HK Throw, a new replaced throw that does multiple hits
Jumping HP, it’s easier to hit deep and start combos
HP, little range

Ground Shave Rolling Attack
No Back-Step Rolling Attack
No Vertical Rolling Attack
No Shout of Earth

Cannon Strike which is a new addition to the Hooligan Combination and can be done in the air with out the Hooligan Combination
Reverse Shaft Breaker
No Spiral Arrow
No Axel Spinning Knuckle

Spinning Hornet Kick, a poor replacement for her Hazan Tenshokyaku as an anti-air attack has a bit of a vacuum effect and must be used in close
No Kikouken
No Tenshoukyaku
No Hazan Tenshoukyaku

Most EX characters are kinda waste of time but some are good: EX May, EX Bison, EX Balrog.

Talking about ex characters:
I played CvS1 today agaisnt one of my friends (sawada) and it was fun (8-1) we play on vs mode using ratio 1 for all characters (4vs4)
: Guile, Ken, Ryu, Iori, Akuma, EX May, EX Bison, Zangief (Zangief was more for fun but is qcfx2+K is really usefull as a great anti-airCharacters that I used even on level 1) :slight_smile:
Sawada used: Ken, Ryu, Evil Ryu, Iori, Evil Iori, Morrigan, Ryo, Terry.

What the hell?! There are a lot of characters that had pretty good EX versions. VICE is the first one that comes to mind. Then comes Benimaru. Rog was also really good. King could be played as an EX if you wanted.

OK it’s not really a lot but more than you give credit for. :slight_smile:

How quickly we forget the madness that was EX Yuri.

My point about most EX characters been a waste of time is when playing agaisnt strong characters like, Guile/Ken/Ryu.
Theres some good EX characters but more than 50% of the ex editions lost more than what they gain.