CvS1 Nak Q

Why is she broken?
I’ve been looking for videos and articles, but all I find is either CvS2 stuff or just mentions that she’s broken.

Nak was crazy good for a ton of reasons but to recap the basics, everything she had was pretty safe when blocked because you could always cancel to bird jump, jump short was a really good jump attack (like pretty much all other characters, but her crosses up too), her BnB (low short x3, standing fierce xx ground sword swipe thing) was very damaging, knocks down, and easy to land off of many mixups (she can hop over a corpse post-throw or combo into knockdown, the crossup was a threat, etc), she can sweep and cancel into lvl 3 bird super for tons of life, she only cost ratio 2 and was better than most/all ratio 3 or 4 characters. Things like that.

Not sure where you can find videos. Maybe old Texas Showdown stuff? Beats me.

Hmm… I’ll see what I can find… haha

Top tier. IDK if broken, but I used her vs the computer even and she screwed it up pretty bad. Freaking ocv’d it.
Her mixup is freaking great. That’s why.


^^Ricky ortiz’s Nakky-chan

Good hitconfirms, normals, and damage. If the hc is blocked she’s far enough away to not get hurt.
Her hop-dash can hop over a downed opponent, so she can switch sides really quickly, and you have to guess which way to block, and also whether to block high, low, or tech a throw, AND the distance at which she is at and therefore what normals/combos she will use.
In addition, her super is a flaming bird. She can use it on the ground and in the air, which explains Ricky’s bird grabs, in addition to having three branches of attack from bird grab. One of this includes a simple drop from the bird, which works like an empty jump only she has more of a threat involved in the opponent guessing wrong pre emptively, and even then they have high low throw to consider and her dirty oki/ crossup game.
She has a healing super (I think)
Ainu/Kamui mitsube serve as fireballs and dragon punch, except one can incercept pokes and knock down.
The bird can be a normal fireball, keeping the opponent in block stun
She can be an utter ass about things and just fly about on mamaha.

Holy shit.

I know my nakky. she mah pixelated gurl, knawmean?