CvS2: 1st Jillians Tourney

Great turnout for a first tourney.

16 Entrants

1st: Morgan “Mr. Sakuraba” Odom C Guile/Honda/Kim, Blanka, Sagat 2
2nd: Jay “epsilon_” Simon K Geese Blanka Cammy 2
3rd: Phong “Shin3” Lor P Kyo/Sagat/Ken , Guile, Blanka 2
4th: James “GlassNinja” Laflin A Vega, Rolento, Blanka 2
5th: Sean “Shintegra” Dennison A Kyo, Nakoruru, Chun-li 2 /S Kyo, Eagle, Chun-li 2
5th Dan “lastblade” A Akuma, Cammy, Hibiki 2
7th: Kiefer “ksl” Luo C Guile, Ken, Sagat 2
7th: Alan C Ken, Honda, Guile 2

Um yea, good matches to all who played, thanks for making this a success. K Geese is too beastly, really gg’s Morgan im gonna get you next time. Stop parrying so much shin lol.

I’ll get you Shin! You’ll see! Just kidding…Good games bro. :tup:

Good shit Morgan for winning teh CvS2 tourney.

yay for me. We oughta do that more often.
Shin, if you try a little harder maybe next time youll get to fight me :clap: j/k
Gg’s to all, cya next time

Me= Atlanta cvs2 champ…

lol would u like to put money on the statement? :clap:

wtf NOW you guys have jillians tournies!!!

sorry as hell -If your refering to max, Ive played him before in casual at fr this year.(I think thats when i played him. He uses k groove, and wore like bedroom shoes correct?) Dont think ive ever seen you play before, but its all in good fun right? I was standing right in front of you guys in the signup line at fr8. I was the short white kid, with long hair.
You guys oughta come to the next event we throw at jill’s. Itd be fun to play with as many differant people as possible.

Fmj- Last night was the 1st tourny weve had. We are gonna have another 2 weeks from now. All are more than welcome to come out and get down on some cvs2 with us.

mr. sakuraba good job dood on 3s at OL and on cvs. glad u got that swagger after that first one. see u and eps at the next one.

Yea man…Jillians is a great place to play Cvs2…we got a community goin over there…so by all means…everyone jump in this next tourney! (And watch me beat Shin’s parrying ass w/ my A-rolento)
I got a few brief pics of the tourney… Check those out…the first one is the most tourney related tho. GG everyone!


U should see if we cna set up a 3s TV there so we can do CvS2 and 3s there.

ATL Fight Club? :wink:

i HIGHLY doubt it neidel, they were probably hesitant to let us continue running the cvs2 tourney. the problem with jillians is, its not an arcade, its like a club ish establishment. the games are an after thought.

you’re dead to me until you make this happen.

get in there and HUSTLE!

If we started doing the tourny’s a little earlier in the day, we could get around the whole turn into a club at 10 thing. But ya, itd be a fucking blast to play 3s and cvs2 in there.

Hell itd be fun if we started having these biweekly and got a good sized attendance group coming. Jay make sure you make an announcement in the tourny forum soon so people will know in advance.

I think Saturday is a bad idea…and so are Wednesdays (because that’s kid day at Jillian’s). Maybe if we had it on like a Tuesday or Monday or something…I would be able to come, or even play while I’m working (I work at Jillian’s). And maybe one day my house will once again be the Dojo of Gwinnett…

The whole point of having it on the weeknds is so people not from atl (ie. me) can come.

um yeah im planning on throwing another one of these next saturday. ill make the thread later today once i find out jillians’ address.

How did you guys get jillians to hold a tourney? for the longest time i’ve been trying to get the jillians near me to hold tournies but they haven’t budged. So what did you guys do? How much of a cut did you guys have to give them from the entry fees to run the tourney? Did they move the machine to the back so you guys could play?

well couple things. 1, we didnt tell the managers. 2, it was free entry.

You should start early, at least by noon so that everything can be done by early evening. Last time took a bit too long, even if it IS CVS2.

Make sure you and everybody else will come, without a shadow of a doubt.

Hope to see you at the next one. And bring back my CDs!

good job starting tournaments jay. Keep the cvs2 alive. Work owns me for free and you guy’s would prolly own me at cvs2. My dc converter is dead. :frowning: