Cvs2/3rd Still Big?

How long until these games die? Will it still be big for a long time, considering sf2’s been out mad long and ppl are still digging it. I’m thinking of getting an Xbox but after hearing some of you saying there’s lag and ppl abuse that shit, it made me changed my mind about getting it.

Who won cvs2 and 3rd in 2k3,2k4, and 2k5?

Those games will still be popular until Capcom makes a new fighting game (rehashes & re-releases don’t count).

People still play Street Fighter II you know.

Shocking, really.


cvs2 is kinda dying/has died down now i think

3s is still big though

So you mean forever?

They will be popular until sf3: fourth round and cvs3 come out.


Basically the stronger parts of the community as far as 2D gamers go, play mostly Capcom games, so while other games have come out more recently (mostly from SNK) the great majority of players are only passively, if at all interested. (Which is too bad.)

CVS2 is beginning to die down in terms of popularity, and 3rd Strike has been helped by great support in the form of videos. From Ranbats, to tournaments, there are a lot of places to see 3rd Strike videos.

I think interest could be created in a similar way for new games, but really it’s hard to say how well that could work.

So yeah, they are still big, because really beyond the big three it’s all left to much older games. (SF2, etc.)

That’s good to hear. Can somebody tell me who won 2k3,2k4, and 2k5 in 3rd and cvs2. Answer this question plz, i’ve been asking in all these random threads but nobody answer.

Edit: I remember hearing my friends say u can play sf2 online, but i never knew how, other then xboxl of course. Somebody mind explaining it to me?

I know KO won 3S 04 and Kindevu/bu won CVs2 04

dunno any others

2k3: ino
2k4: kindebu
2k5: bas

2k3: ko
2k4: ko(i think)
2k4: nuki

So fucking right…most are casually interested in SNKP games…which IMO is their loss…I enjoy moving on…“Evolution” of the 2d scene…let’s evolve people like the Evo tournament says…EVO-**LUTION…**we aren’t evolving…we are stagnant living in 1999 with Prince and the Revolution!!! !:rofl:

And I always hear shit like “Why play a game no one is interested in?”

Yes I understand to play a game for the competition(kinda) but don’t you play a game first BECAUSE YOU LIKE IT? And I am not gonna play a game JUST because of the competition…I gotta like it FIRST. (That’s like saying “I wanna play this game because everyone is playing it to fit in!!” Those same people are the ones that are afraid to play SNKP games because they are afraid what their friends will think about them playing it…THE TRUTH!!! )

People are always gonna give me shit for playing SNKP games…and I say it’s their loss…I say “Support the 2d scene because SNKP is mainly all we have left…and they are continuing to feed us and take care of us”

god your posts are really annoying to read

Haha. Thx for answering my questions. Misterbean, don’t u mean 2k5 for Nuki?

While I’d love to see SF2, MvC2 and the Tekken series pushed out of Evo for a new fighting game like Garou or KOF XI/2k2/Neowave/SOMETHING, DOA4 (there’s no reason for it to not be there every year) or Virtua Fighter, it ain’t gonna happen.

But really, from here on out there’s no excuse for Garou, KOFXI and DOA4 to be there over any other games. But I definitely think that CvS2 and 3S should be there.

In fact, I’d have to say that Evo 07 should be KOFXI, 3S, CvS2, Garou, DOA4, GG Slash and maybe HSFA. But we all kinda wish that they’d make Evo a 3 day event, and make it KOFXI, Garou, CvS2, MvC2, DOA4, GG Slash, Tekken 5, SF2, 3S, HSFA, and VF4/5. That’d rock.

But yeah, good stuff.

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution was a game in Evolution 2004.


I think the reason not that many people play SNKP games is because they don’t like it. Why switch over if you don’t like it?

People play different shit in different parts of the world.
In the US, Canada and Japan, Capcom games reign supreme.
In China and Korea, most people play KoF exclusively (Tekken as well for Korea).

In Latin/South America/the midde east, all anyone’s ever heard of is KoF. I know people in Israel who play KoF, but have never heard of Street Fighter.

I think Tekken should stay, it has a fanbase, the games are current, the only problem being T5:DR’s lack of console counterpart.

Another game that’s not new that probably should be played is Smash, considering it also has it’s fanbase, is fairly recent, even if many people would find it to not be a straight fighter, that no longer matters with Evo taking on games that aren’t fighters at all. (Mario Kart for example.) Though, this may be a game that waits for it’s next installment.

Sadly the Virtua Fighter community has seemingly fallen off the face of the earth in the states. T_T

Perhaps every year Evo could throw in a newer game, just to test the waters. While you run the chance of no one showing (like some believe DOA4 may suffer from) you never know how many people will pick it up, just because it’s at Evo. Or perhaps it’s easier to try out games at Evo East/West, to see if anyone is interested.

Though to help popularity of games like Garou, someone should start making ranbat movies, you know, just for my personal viewing pleasure. I don’t have much in the way of offline people to play in that game, so it’d be fun seeing peeps play.

I totally agree. Yeah if people don’t like the game Darkside I agree they shouldnt pick it up…but man I tell you I run into too many people that just play what “everyone else” is playing…

Last I checked, SNK and other non-capcom 2d games were doing hella better in Japan. Japan doesn’t take MVC2 seriously, and they’ve dropped CVS2 and CFE from SBO.

China plays KOF cause they pick up all the old boards from Japan once their outdated.

There’s logic behind that. Why play a game if nobody else is going to play you? The only reason I picked up T5 is cause all my regular comp played it.