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I had my old thread closed because it was intended for discussion about my video series, and the video series is over. Use this thread for discussing A-Groove combos and strategies.

Go to for all of your beginner customs.


just a question about this TODO cc:
hcb+FP, d.FPx4, s.FP, qcf+JP, [s.FP, qcf+JP]–>xn, super fireball(qcfx2+P)

can someone explain how the the S.FPxxqcf+JP works are they far HP, close HP or a combination of both?

MAKI ground cc:
d.FK, d.RH, d.FP, d.LK, SJ.RHx3, SJ.FP or RHx3, j.LKx4, j.Lk, air super grab

this is my version of maki ground cc, is there anyway to maximize damage on this cc or is there a more damaging ground cc besides the RH cc which doesnt hit most crouching charas.


let’s see, for the todo combo, I just cancel the s.fp as fast as possible and it seems to work out. . . not really sure if it ends up being all far s.hp, quite honestly, though a good number of them are going to be, since that’s what’s moving him forward.
as for the maki combo . . . no idea. I suck at the throw super, so I usually end with c.hpX2, qcf+k, hk, which gives me plenty of time to do it, but doesn’t really maximize damage.


when i try to cancel faster i usually get to S.HP out and that and i get to far to do the jab wave. i ve never actually got to combo to work yet.
i never actually seen someone do this before and i dont think its a reliable cc.


Actually, it’s very reliable. I only use that Custom for Todo, though I start it off with a Throw, activate, Crouch Fierce x 2 into Standing Fierce instead of Crouch Fierce x 4. Four of them would do more damage, though. I should learn that. :slight_smile:

The way it SHOULD work is that you should be doing 100% Far Away Stand Fierces. The Jab Fireball pushes them away ever so slightly and you catch up with far Standing Fierce, which makes Todo step forward a bit. So in order to do this, you CAN’T mash the sequence of Stand Fierce into Jab Fireball. You actually gotta use a good rhythm for it. The key is learning the timing of the delay you must put between the Fireball + Jab and Stand Fierce. If you do Stand Fierce too fast, you may end up pushing yourself too close.

Of course, that’s not always such a bad problem. A lot of the times, you’ll put yourself too close and accidentally do Close-up Fierce, but it hits and the Combo continues anyhow. The poblem is that there is a distance at which Todo can do a Close-up Standing Fierce and it’ll WHIFF. That’ll kill your Custom real fast.

Just learn to do it at a consistent timing, but not too slow so that the enemy gets pushed so far away that your far Standing Fierce can no longer reach.

It IS a tough Custom to learn, but with practice, you can pull it off at nearly a 100% clip. I mean, it’s WAAAAAAY easier to do than the Sakura and Bison Customs, but people learned those, haven’t they? :slight_smile:

  • James


-CAPCOM Section-

*Ryu: Air HK xx CC, jab dp xx cc, start with low fierce.

*Ken: jab dp xx cc, start with c.fierce, air to air HK, land xx CC

*Akuma: Demon flip grab, HK’s, dragon punches even. Corner, you can nail a fierce red fireball then activate xx fierce, but I wouldn’t reccomend it. Jab dp, walk up, xx cc, use low fierce.

*Morrigan: Anti crossup jab dp xx CC. Corner: jab fb xx cc, start with low rh.

Zangief: corner, do down/back rh xx CC. Start it off with a lariat. Corner: Anti air rc green palm xx CC

*Rolento: Anti-air knife, or anti-air qcb + P roll into snap in move, then jump in with KK jump xx CC, or if the opponent is close enough, walk up xx CC, s.rh xx KK jump It has to be as an anti-air so it causes a knockdown. Short knife can also be used as a combo-in move in ground, but has a rather hard timing. Corner: ABSOLUTE MAX DISTANCE low rh xx CC, s.jab Combo the trade from an anti air patriot circle.

Balrog: charge back, towards + K as anti-air, CC.

*Chun-Li: midscreen: flip kick, sj. towards the guy xx CC, start with j.forward. Corner, same setup, but use close s.rh xx sj. fierces for max damage. Anywhere: close s.rh, lightning kicks (2 hits) xx CC xx start with s.strong. EARLY low rh anti air xx cc, start with c.jab,c.rh. Early anti air short SBK xx CC.

Bison: anything ending in a forward scissor kick xx CC, start with s.strong. Air to air j.double strong, land, cc. Corner: charge down, up + P, if it hits, CC, and paint the fence. Air to air punch after headstomp xx CC. ( Corner only)

Shotos in corner: jab dp xx CC xx jab dp. Ken, Ryo, Sakura and Ryu can do this. Dunno about Dan though.

*Dan: short gale kick (air to air, air to ground, ground to ground, whatever) xx cc, start with a fp dp for max damage.

Sakura: c.strong, rh HK, s.jab xx CC xx s.strong… any strength fb in corner goes straight into CC. Midscreen jab dp xx cc. Air to air dive kick xx CC (thanks to Havoc911 for the last two)

Kyosuke: launcher (offensive crouch rh), sj. xx CC. Also, combo into is lightning ray (I think his only link is s.jab, s.fierce, then fierce lightning ray) sj. xx cc.

Dhalsim: Corner, hit someone with a Yoga flame or a close fierce yoga fire, then xx cc, start with s.rh.

Yun: s.forward xx CC… strong or fierce dp xx CC. Command grab xx CC. qcf + short xx CC

Vega: Corner, combo info forward flip kick xx CC.

*Blanka: electricity xx cc, start with s. fierce, low rh xx cc, start with (electricity or s.fierce?)

*Sagat: fierce tiger uppercut, xx CC

Honda: Corner: overhead splash xx CC, Fierce hand slaps xx CC

Cammy: s.fierce xx CC, start with s.rh. Corner: her punch move that she turns around xx cc. Near corner: meaty cannon drill that hits xx CC. Air to air dive kick xx CC

-SNK Section-

*Benimaru: Anti air fierce dp, jump in xx CC

Nakoruru: Eagle toss (fire bird) xx CC works as a corner only I believe. oc.fierce xx cc, start with low strong. Corner: overhead thingy off the bird xx CC

Rugal: god press xx cc. air dive punch xx cc. reflector xx cc.

*Athena: command grab xx CC, add a psychoball in the corner : c.short x 2, fierce DP, sj. xx CC xx j.forward. Towards + forward, sj. xx CC j.forward

Hibiki: counter xx CC… roundhouse throw xx cc, start with a qcf + strong slash.

*Yuri: jab dp xx CC from midscreen, go straight into anti air CC. Corner: any strength hcb + P move xx cc. Corner: any strength fb xx CC, Corner: any strength slap move xx cc. These work midscreen if done early.

*Ryo: s.strong, hcb + fierce, sj. cc or wait xx cc. Air to air air fb, land, CC (strict timing applies)

Raiden: rdp strong x 2 (his knockdown move) xx cc, start with a drop kick or a s.rh I think. Corner, combo into a flame with close strong then CC. I’m not 100% sure you can combo into CC after a giant bomb, but it might be possible. I’ll check later on.

*Rock: 360 grab, lightning hit thing xx CC, or you can cancel the lightning hit thing with early PPP and cancel immediately to CC. I think he can also nail one after a rising tackle.

Terry: fierce rising tackle xx CC. Anti air short crack shot (early) xx CC (theory)

King: rdp + rh xx cc, hcb + k xx CC, hcb + P xx CC

Yamazaki: anti-air qcb + jab, xx CC. I don’t see much use for this one except on the corner.

*Kyo: c.rh xx cc, do anti air CC . Midscreen: any strength qcf + k (2 hits) xx cc, start with running grab if too far,close up, do anti-air CC. Corner: qcf + forward k (2 hits), jab dp or forward kick dp xx CC.

Haohmaru: qcf + P, wait, xx cc

Vice: Corner only: (I think…?) Combo into qcb + fierce xx cc. After the air whip grab TO the corner xx CC

Chang: Call Choi helper xx CC. Command grab xx CC. Anti-air ball spin, cancel, cc (theory-stage still)

Todo: Command grab xx CC, Corner: tiger knee jab wave, land xx cc

*Iori: Command grab xx CC, Corner: anti air rc :slight_smile: Deadly flower (first hit) xx CC (maybe midscreen can start with a low rh?)

Joe: short dp (anti air or ground) xx CC, start with low/s. strong, Fierce punch mash (3 hits) xx cc, start with s.jab. c.rh xx CC start with c.strong

*Kim: early d,u + short xx CC. Air to air qcf + short xx CC. Early d,u + jab, land, CC. Corner: anti-air d-d+roundhouse XX CC, start with s.fierce. You can also do EARLY KP Roundhouse XX CC, start with s.strong.

  • Chars with this asterisk have been featured in the What can you do with your CvS2 A-Groove series. See some of these setups in action!


  1. Links into customs: A lot of characters can do c.jab x 2, xx CC xx c.forward (or c.strong with some chars, respectively to which links are capable with them) Some of these are: Sakura, Ken, Akuma, Ryu, Eagle, Kim, Nakoruru, Chun-Li, Geese, Rock, Kyo, Bison, Todo, Yuri, etc. I’ll try making some sort of full list later.

  2. Activating off a trade: Also, traded dp hits into CC also work. It’s like comboing a trade, just right after you do a counter hit, or REAL early dp, you can generally activate. Examples for this go to Kyo, Iori and others.

  3. Unblockable customs: On a third note, Iori, Athena, Yun and Todo, Rock and Vice have “unblockable” custom combos because of the invincibility frames. You can do CC, go into command grab, and go into your ground/anti-air CC from there. This is especially useful when going against RC Blanka, as he can’t mindlessly try to RC electricity you on your wake up, since RC’s are indeed throwable.

  4. Counter hit notes: A major part of comboing into the CC being made a whole lot easier is the issue of counter hits. It makes it a whole lot easier to land a hit, wait until you see a counter hit, then activate and start with whatever. Some setups work this way, such as Rolento doing a back roll then snap in. If it does a counter hit, you can activate and go into custom. If it doesn’t, you can still combo a s.jab, c.forward xx patriot circle. You decice on your games.

  5. Dan/Rolento OTG Glitch and Exceptions: Last notes for now, remember the Dan/Rolento OTG glitch? Well, most characters with a command grab can abuse it highly. Examples would be: Iori, Todo, Zangief, Chang, Yun, Yamazaki, Vice, Athena, Benimaru, Rock, and Akuma for the best candidates. I’m not sure if Cammy’s frankensteiner move is able to OTG on them, but I’ll check, and Raiden’s command grab knocks people too far away I believe. Also, Hibiki’s rh throw, as well as Yun’s punch throw, Chang’s rh throw and Maki’s punch throw, break the rule because they’re the only normal throws that can be used for constant OTG’ing. The best way to abuse this is to sweep xx CC, or command grab xx CC. Remember, you can’t OTG after a normal throw, excluding the Hibiki, Yun, Chang and Maki exceptions.

  6. Making Crouchers stand up: A lot of CC’s do not hit crouching characters with small hitboxes (like crouching Hibiki and Iori). Special moves, such as Chun’s Kikkoken and Iori’s Deadly Flower punches make the other character stand up. I’ve noticed that for some odd reason, with Kyo, after the other char gets hit by a Rekka, he goes back to crouching. I think it has to do with the fact that it causes an “elemental” state, aside from just being pushed back.


Much thanks to Gunter for posting those kickass tutorial vids on his site ( Take care of the flag.
Thanks to GeekBoy for putting up with me all the time in #0wned and for much of his help.
Thanks to tragic at first for showing me with his tournament results that A-groove was highly useful.
All the people who posted stuff in my older thread.
Tony and Tom Cannon for making SRK and the Evolution tournaments.
D44Bas for all his wonderful help :slight_smile:
James Chen for his wonderful Systems and Combo Guide faq which he STILL NEEDS TO FIX SOME STUFF RIGHT JAMES?! :slight_smile:
Apoc for his arguements on comboing the trade.
Coco Savage for all his useful information on comboing the CC.
Havoc911 for telling me that air to air setups work.
Coca Cola Inc. for making such a wonderful caffeinated beverage that lets me find out all this shit.

And you…of course. :slight_smile:

That’s from my Combo into custom and more faq. Any questions on a particular setup, feel free to ask.

Update: Filled in some more information provided by Gunter.


Question about these two in particular.

For Bison, how does “anything ending in a forward scissor kick” combo into CC? Can I get a bit of elaboration besides just S.Strong?

And for Blanka, same question off of electricity, as well as does the electricity require a specific strength? Isn’t there a difference in the recovery time between different strengths?


Bison question = Forward Scissor Kick must be used because it’s the only one that puts Bison at the best distance to activate and follow up. Short Scissor Kick will work in the corner though.

I don’t believe the strength of the electricity matters, but why use anything else but Fierce?


if you were asking about what to do after activate,, it’s usually just (sj.hkX3)Xn into the corner then paint the fence I think, same as his easy full screen.


You have to weigh your options during the match carefully. It’s like this…if you can get your Forward Scissor Kick a lot, off a combo or by RCing it or whatever, go for the setup, as long as you get them to the corner, the means don’t really matter. The thing with the tripguard loss custom is how often with a SMART player make a mistake like that? Especially against A-Groove, it’s dangerous, it’s also dangerous against people with tripguard loss normals (Sagat low Forward or Chun-Li low Strong) It’s the same principle though, one slip up and that’s your ass, Mr. Postman…

Also, a note about the Todo custom, for those who may not know, if you get people to the corner, cut out the fierces and just keep doing the waves.


Geekboy : for bison, what do you do once you activate the cc after the foward kick sissor kick ?


s.Strong, RH Scissor Kick until you get to the corner, then you can either start the DPs straight off or stick in a Fierce or 2 to get some more height if you feel unsure.


I’d like to post the Iori pillar custom I use, it’s not much different from any other out there, but to me, it’s spaces you out a lot better, IMO.

Activate, [Jab DP, c.Fierce, roll] x3, c.Fierce x2, roll, s.close RH x2, back up, s.close Fierce, back up, c.Fierce x2 xx Pillar Super, wait, Fierce DP.


Some updates to Gandido’s list:

Works outside of corner as well if you crossup with the Gale Kick (as done in my video).


If done early, an anti-air shield and an anti-air FB can be used midscreen to setup a CC. Start with a superjump activation and hit with short.


hcb+P sets up a CC anywhere on the screen. Continue with several f-b-f+jab sequences into super, or superjump before activation, activate in the air and hit with a sj.roundhouse-sj.short combo, then sj.shorts until the corner.


You can also connect it after a c.roundhouse. Start with c.strong.


2 Corner only combos: anti-air d-d+roundhouse XX CC, start with s.fierce. You can also do EARLY KP Roundhouse XX CC, start with s.strong.



Any Mai CC’s besides the ones on your site?


For Blanka’s electricity xx CC:

If done in the corner do electricity xx CC start with s.lp cause u wont be able to SJ.hp x #. :stuck_out_tongue:
damn everything is allready covered :p.
just wanted to subscribe


I’m pretty sure you can do qcb+fierce, cancel into hct+roundhouse to start an anti-air custom.

And for an anti-blanka custom, you can do a late high block, walk forward, activate and do s.roundhouses.


There’s a nice list (with some errors?) of ways to counter a blocked Blanka Ball at . But here are specific ways to use your A-Groove meter to punish it.

*Ryu - super FB
Ken - activate, twd.roundhouses
Chun Li - walk forward s.strong XX qctx2+K super,
sj.roundhouse (2 hits), walking crossup confusion
options, then do c.jab, s.fierce (or c.jab x2, c.strong) XX
qctx2+K super, sj.fierce or roundhouse
Guile - activate, s.roundhouses
Blanka - activate, d/f fierce, [s.fierce-whiff b-f+jab] to corner
Sakura - activate and do repeated DP+fierce (if it connects you
can cancel it into s.fierces for a few more damaging hits
if you want).
Cammy - activate, qct+roundhouse to the corner
Eagle - activate, far s.fierce XX hct+forward into ground custom.
Rolento - activate, slide, c.fierce XX KK, into ground custom
Balrog - if you were charged back, twd+short, activate, b-f+jab,
b-f+roundhouse to the corner
Vega - activate, slide, s.jab into his superjumping custom
*Sagat - near corner, activate, qct+fierce x12, qctx2+P
Bison - activate, slide, s.strong, [sj.roundhouse x2, sj.fierce]
sequences to the corner

Kyo - activate, qct+strong into ground custom
Iori - late high block, walk forward, activate and c.roundhouse
*Mai - late high block, walk forward, activate and s.roundhouse
Kim - (juggle, easy) activate, qcb+roundhouse, d-u+jab into
anti-air custom
(grounded, slightly harder) activate, s.roundhouse XX
qcb+roundhouse into ground custom
*Todo - near corner, activate and twd.forward into whatever
*Vice - (juggle) activate, [qcb+fierce, c.fierce]xN to the corner,
finish with air lightning legs
(grounded, extremely harder) activate, s.fierce into
ground custom
Nakoruru - activate, b-d/b-d+fierce, c.fierce-whiff c.short,
[sj.roundhouse x2, sj.forward] to corner
Joe - late high block, walk forward, activate and s.roundhouse,
c.roundhouse into anti-air custom
Hibiki - (juggle, easy) activate, qcb+strong to corner
(grounded, slightly harder) activate, [qcb+jab, c.fierce x3]
to corner
Rock - activate, qcb+fierce, c.fierce x8, sweep, qcb+strong to
Haohmaru - activate, s.fierce into ground custom
*Benimaru - activate, twd+forward, s.fierce into cround custom
*Geese - late high block, walk forward, activate and
s.roundhouse into ground custom

EDIT: * - These counters are NOT featured in videos on my site (sorry!).
But all the rest are, so check them out.


Actually, in the corner, do electricity, activate, s.fierce, and immediately mash on c.fierce. You’ll hit them with the s.fierce, whiff a c.fierce, and then they’ll land on your electricity for quick damaging hits. Then you can go into vert.j.fierces. :cool:


Ya I knew about that too cause electricity deals like…4500damage for 6 hits ??
Just the timing can be hard I never bothered to master it