CVS2: A groove VICE

I’ve been trying to get better with A groove since I’m already good with Vice can someone post some of her high damage combos and some strats with a groove. . thanks

The most damaging A groove combo i can think of is where she does lightning kick on an air opponet in the corner. The one that was in Sai-Rec preview video. Even though it might have been done on a programble joystick, you can still do it, but probably does much less damage than the one on the video. This is how I do it. First get them into a corner ether by making them dizzy in the corner, midscreen combos into the corner, or when you activate CC, do hcb+f p, since most people will just block and avoid getting hit, this will drag your opponet across the screen into the corner. First get them in the air, ether by a sweep, the hcb+f throw, or her shoulder charge. Then s.lp, then jump and do the HK lightning kick and repeat from s.lp again.

Here is a cc from gunters site. So far, the most damaging combo is in fact her kick move thing in the corner. It was done in Mr. Mem’s combo vid, but I don’t know if it was a glitch though.