CVS2 AIRIC Money Match thread

I’m excepting money matches place your bets … World’s best pad player :slight_smile: lol if you have a hard time finding me

Money matchs:
challenging all of keystone for 10 a game:
Albert_c 10 a game plus additional 5 after every game
Leezy for 10
magus for 10
Ricky O for 10
Shiax for 10
patmonsta for 10
Buktooth N Groove only Low to Mid tiers for 10

Hail to kill not sure will see

I want more keystone players haha Ill rep Socal by myself nothing but chicken shits over here

Reset for 5
Dr.b for 10 a game
Havoc best to 3 for 60
Laugh 10 a game and Yama vs Yama match :slight_smile:

I’ll play you for whatever.

sure laugh im down for r4 vs r4 yama match hope i dont beat you again :woot:coughpad playercough heh and as for a regular match ya sure… will play for 10 a game…

havoc 60 dollars best to 3 haha i love grudge matchs, all the rest i took there money and put them to shame, your next in line glad to see your posting :woot:

gosh damn i love airic. he duh best in duh west

airic: i’ll play you for money. i’ll name a price with you when i see you in vegas. sound good?

airic ill play you for 5 buddy! u da truth in cvs2

coo reset ya sounds good and you to pigadoken

Sure, guy. :tup:

ill take a 10 dollar match sounds fun =:woot:


Yamazaki93 won BoD here in the UK so he might be interested in some money matches.

I love to see if he lives up to his name in a YAMA VS YAMA MATCH !!! grrrawl heh :looney:

ANY mm with me?

I wanna money match you Justin! Ft3 for 10 coo?

What happened to the 100$ mm? Don’t back out on me like K-Rage did last year! I’ll record it for you if i have to. :looney:

ok do it magus

Yes MM for sure 2/3 for $10 hit me up in my challenge thread.

-D R B

Havoc what do you look like? you got a myspace or something? im going to want that money :woot:

hail- talk to me on saturday

thanks for the money homeboy


I didn’t even see this until just now.


Had I seen that, I wouldn’t have let you back out of the $60 bet. Oh well.