CVS2: Aism Combos + Roll Canceling?


I was curious if its possible to do a roll cancel while doing a A-ISM combo. Or roll cancel your aism the entire way thru.

I.E like roll canceling a fireball over and over?

Or are you not allowed to roll cancel during A ism state?


Just though I add this in. James Chen Faqs said you cant. But im not sure how he interpets it. Meaning you cant roll cancel into activation or if you cant roll cancel while doing a A-Ism.

Q. Can you Roll Cancel a Roll into a Custom Combo in A Groove?
A. No. And this is a moot point anyhow. By the same virtue as the
Super Combos, a Custom Combo would recalculate it’s own invincibility
right upon start-up. So even if you could Cancel a Roll into a
Custom, there really isn’t much point to it.


Chen is talking about roll cancelling the activation of a CC or a super combo… It would be pointless since you already have the invisibility frames from the activation. MY question is why do you ask?? why would you want to roll cancel in the middle of a CC? Wouldn’t it be EXTREMELY hard?


The reason you would want to RC in the middle of an CC is because while activated you cannot block. If you RC, you can go thru any attack thrown at you. This is mostly be useful if you messed up your CC.

Another thing is, the invincibilty from activating is not nearly as long as a RC, so if your oppenant thru a fire ball at you, you could activate, RC, and start the combo from the RC.

Unfortuantly I kinda suck at RC’ing so I currently can’t answer the question at hand.


Well how would you would roll cancel a Activation, will the activation cancel the roll? Would there is a difference in roll canceling a move while in CC mode because all your moves come out so much faster, IE would it be hard to do one, or would your roll cancel last longer because you move would be faster? I would think most “good” people would either complete there CC or go straight into block crushing pattern. Otherwise they probably would get punished immediately after they mess up, at least I prepare for it! :slight_smile:


if u rc during your cc then u could possibly restart the cc!! example i do sakura’s repeated dp then i stop, my opponent tries to hit me but then i rc the dp’s again


why would you stop?


i think it would be damn right deadly to activate from a distance, then rc through an attack into the cc. like for example, say ryu thorws a hadoken at you from outside sweep distance. you would activate, then rc his doukogami punch right through the fireball, and then start your cc after the hit. only certain characters can benefit from this, but it is very risky unless you can rc 100% of the time, cuz if you cant, youll just eat fireball and waste your cc. also, if your cc is blocked, going into rc’ed moves is not a bad idea since they reset the cc, and give you invincibility. of course, it is better to just guard crush them, but they might try to hit you out of it, that is a might, and an rc’ed move into cc would help out there.


Roll Canceling during CC mode is technically possible, but it has to be done faster than when not in CC mode. For example, Yun’s RC lunge punch is probably the easiest attacking RC in the game, but during CC mode it’s extremely hard to go through FBs with it.


It’s completely possible. I had to do it today to get around someone who did a fierce in my face. I did a rc rekka ken (have no clue how it came out rc’ed, but it did) and it worked. I must have done that hella fast @_@


roll cancelling anything else but lvl 1s don’t really yield good advantages


er thats what geek said. anywho yea that sounds like a plan. go into cc mode with bison and rc his scissor kicks. same with balrog.


Yeah funny story on that. A friend of mind last night insisted it was possible and did it in front of me. I noticed that the timing is so much more crucial. I guess thats the price you pay for the reward it bares.


Roll canceling supers dont work. Here is why…

When you do the super the game changes the state and basiclly resets the properties of the roll cancel to that of the LV of wich the super you did.

Basiclly james chen’s faq explains it clearly so check that out.


you hit the nail right on the head. Thats the idea i had basiclly sitting in my head dormant.

Basiclly you could use the RC in the CC if you mess up to protect yourself and possible restart your combo.


looks like i’ll be officially retiring from CvS2 a month after pondering getting into it. Roll Cancelling is bad enough but man getting drained in K-groove is already bad enough but completely risk free CCs is too much. Not that it’s not hard…but damn this just sucks.


back to good old broke ass mvc2 huh u quiter?:lame:


i don’t want to get the thread off track but at least MvC2 makes sense.


I saw this happen this weekend it was too sick
Rugal messes up custom stands over the body and stuffs the wake up with a RC godpress back into the custom.


So in short, yes, it is possible to RC special moves while you are in Custom Combo (CC) mode. But do note the basics of the RC, you cannot RC any of your supers, normal or directonal attacks (ie Ryu’ F+MP overhead punch). They must be command specials like the Blanka Ball, Hadoken or Vice’s Tackle.

A theoretical example would be Eagle and his CC that involves the repeated use of his Combo Rush Sticks(I think it’s the HCF+K move). If you activate to far by accident or they move out the way quickly, you could RC his first Combo Rush Sticks if they throw a fireball and still sail thru the fireball even though you’re in CC mode. The combo would still get most of the hits even if sumthin’ went wrong on the first 5-10% of yer A-Ism meter…

In theory is much easier than in practice however…Eagle is the best example of an A-Ism combo that uses a command move repeatedly that moves forward and can cancel into itself…maybe Geese’s HCB+K move might also be good…