CvS2: Alpha Counters: Effective uses


I seem to remember a while back, a vid at clockw0rk that showed some counter attacks into some decent comboes (the only one I remember was N-Groove stock-broken Bison blocking a jump-in into alpha counter into Super Psycho Crusher). Can someone find out which characters can counter attack into a combo? In any groove?

Or, could someone list all/the best alpha counters in the game?


Is it all right if we put Counter Movements into this thread? I’ve never found much use for Counter Movement outside of auto-combo supers (ie Yun’s qcf,qcf+p). But I saw Ohnuki Counter Movement against a Blanka Ball into a s.FP xx Tiger Uppercut. Pretty cool seeing it the first time.

If not, eh…I don’t know.


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With alot of moves/supers that are pretty much unpunishable can be counter rolled threw and you can punish. Like blanka’s super just counter roll threw it when it hits and youv got a free combo. Against sagat’s low hitting super counter movement back near the end of the super for a free combo, etc.

Combos off of counter hits…i know chun li can do a fireball super in the corner, raiden can do firebreath super after his too i believe. Cant think of any others now.


Needless to say, but the requirements for this trick to work are:

  1. You are in N-Groove
  2. You have all three levels built up.
  3. You then Stamp, so you have two Power Stocks left.

Then, perform the Counter Attack and then Level 3 Super.

Characters that can do this, off the top of my head:

  1. Chun Li: C.A. into Kikoshou.
    Requirements: Only with enemy in corner (good for after Spinning Bird Kick traps).

  2. Raiden: C.A. into Level 3 Flame Breath.
    Requirements: None. Can be done anywhere.

  3. M.Bison: C.A. into Psycho Crusher.
    Requirements: None. But if you do it when near the corner, the Psycho Crusher will only hit a few times, touch the corner, and then stop. Also, if you do it too early, the enemy will only bounce off of you 2 or 3 times, making it not worth it at all.

Actually, sadly, those are the only ones that come to my mind right now, though I think there are more. If I remember anyone else, I’ll update this thread.

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Ooo… it’s the rare James Chen… :eek:

Anyways… they are Counter Attacks… not Alpha Counters. And KOF was the first to have it. SFZ/A just gave it their own name. And 2ndly, they are almost useless.

a) You use up like 1/3 of your GuardMeter.
b) You use up a super meter.
c) They do crap for damage.


I was just wondering if you could do a counter attack in C groove and then follow it up with a L2 super.


most characters can combo after theres it just depends on distance ect. Kim can combo a air super after his alpha counter.


Guile can alpha counter a jump in , ,in the corner to his somersault flip super

ken can alpha counter a jump in , in the corner to his shinuken(i dont know spelling, its the column super)

this is if the other guy is in the corner, jumping straight up and down , it happens sometimes when during a match when you got someone trapped there