Cvs2 and 3s! bi-weekly meetings: May 29th

Have you been looking to get your fill on Cvs2 or 3s? I know I have! Well now’s your chance! Every other Friday (most likely opposite to Zach’s game day) come down to north Kirkland/kingsgate to practice!

Me and a friend are looking to find people to practice and game within Cvs2. We don’t really play marvel, so therefore we probably won’t be holding it. If you see, I just added 3s, since I’ve started to get into it recently. However, we have no complaint if someone would like to bring an extra TV (and system) for other games…the more the merrier.

We have a great setup with a 40 inch LCD and 2 hori arcade sticks.

We invite all to come down, at ANY play level as we want a very diverse group. Keep in mind there are a few ground rules…

  • This IS an apartment complex, and we would greatly appreciate if loudness was kept to a low roar.
  • Obviously without saying, treat it as if it were your own home. Be courteous to other players (no matter the beef) and all the like.
  • We kindly ask that after 10 wins you would pass up the arcade stick/controller. I know this sounds stupid but it stops people from playing the same guy during the entire session (The exact reason why we’re doing this is because we keep playing each other to much). If this sounds to stupid, please let me know…I just hate it when I played John Michaels about 30 times…in 10 hours…and never got to play anyone else.

The first meet will be held May 9th. And I will post directions later. If anyone has any questions or concerns…I really don’t mind if you call me personally

Mike Davis: (206) 251-2657
Thad (the apartment we’ll be playing at): (425) 908-7239

The Directions: 12525 NE 145th PL Apt. F101.

  • You wanna turn into NE 145th PL from 124th Ave NE
  • It should be the second to last building before the dumpsters.

Btw, Thanks to my good friend Thad for letting us use his apartment…He doesn’t post much on SRK, but he has been to a few tourney’s way back when, and is really interested in Cvs2 and 3s. We really appreciate it man

Does anyone play this game any more?


Move to Portland

I was actually thinking, that maybe I would go down there to you guys one of these times…as long as i got a place to stay and stuff like that.

portland is the strongest cvs2 empire.

Is that an invitation then?

I think it’s a requirement, who even plays cvs2 up here? John and…

indeed it is. first you must seek out the cvs2 gods of portland and only then will the fat bear appear.

Me! Looks like the thread is fail…well, if you guys wanna cone down either way, it’d be fun.

So I suppose just a reminder…2 days until the first meet…i’m hoping that people will call last minute…if you do, no problem at all…but all in all, feel free to contact me at any time.

See ya there!?

I am working on Friday night, otherwise I would be there to learn some CVS2 basics. I have played the game once. Maybe some other time.

I need to practice up on that game as well. lol!

I’m down to play Mickey D

Good to hear man! You gonna be down tonight? Just gimme a call

Ha, I’ll be there. How late are you guys going?

Going till 3 am possibly more

Shit. That number would have come in handy awhile ago. Long story short, I was outside your apartment about 45 minutes ago but didn’t have a number to call, and I forgot to take the sheet of paper that I wrote down your address on.

Sorry to no show. I will make sure that I have your number next time.

Dude, I’m sorry that didn’t work out… I feel so bad i’m so sorry!

Haha, not your fault. I was overconfident that I could remember your apartment number. I even thought that it was kind of stupid for me to go without the paper when I was heading there. I just felt like trying anyway.

This thread is making me sad


Why. You finally got what you want.