CVS2 and 3S online with no lag at all?

Do you think the new Xbox or PS3 will release CVS2 or 3S in some type of compalation street fighter set? If so,will it be able to host the online play at 0% lag?

re-release it? maybe. 0 lag? No…I don’t think that will ever happen for any online game.

Doesn’t lag have more to do with the connection than the system?

that’s more of a factor, yes.

Imagin if it could be released with no lag at all. It would be like infinite challenges.

yes, and I imagined I might have liked SvC:chaos when it was first announced…man was I wrong. :sad:

an impossible dream…!

Yea i don’t think it’s even possible to daydream about that, because when i think about it, my bubble just bursts.

If it’s internet, there will always be lag. Having a gathering with a bunch of people you know is better IMO than to play a bunch of random shitheads online, even if it could mean playing good players online as well. Lag makes it not worth it.

I was talking to Sabre about this on Mirc awhile back and it isn’t possible due to latency.

What made you think the power of the system has anything to do with the lag? :confused:

Or MAYBE he’s trying to say they can optimize the system for online play so it can have virtually no lag?

Um it’s all data right? So if the data was more compressed or smaller couldn’t you receive the information faster and thus have alot less lag? Just guessing.

What is latency?

Maybe if they find a way to make it zero lag the proper game (one that is newbie friendly and is great at top levels) would bring back fighting games

No, it’s not possible to have no lag because the data (“data” is plural, by the way) would then have to be uncompressed after they reach their destination. More, importantly, however, data have to actually travel at around the speed of light, and distance and collisions can cause latency.

Latency means delay.

What if there was a way to make the data smaller without it having to be uncompressed? If it can read it as is when it gets there.

How does starcraft work so smoothly? Is it that you don’t notice the lag or what?

It doesn’t matter, since the data would still have to travel to their destination and possibly collide with other data, creating latency.

You can’t feel the lag in StarCraft because of its latency setting. In SC, you set the universal input delay (latency), based on your connection speed. Also, there’s nothing in SC that requires really fast, knee-jerk reaction timeslike parry. You only have 3 frames (0.1 second) to input a parry before it’s too late while, in SC, you can take as long as you want to click on your target and still have it register.


Kayin: Yup. Lag will always exist.

I guess online play is doomed to be inferior to offline play forever.

what about msn messenger? isnt that like instant? with no lag? 3S or cvs2 will be such a small game for ps3, and what if they didnt have a background or had fixed backgrounds for online matches. Cant the server make a room for the 2 players who want to play,by loading the match first, causing no lag? Plus in the future internet speed will be atleast 10 times faster than it is today.

Please let my dream come true!!!

Its bound to happen. The evolution of technology is so fast these days it sneaks up on you like an STD.

:rolleyes: i hate to sound like a condescending nerd, but you really have no clue how this works

Lag will always exist. Data transfer would have to be instant for lag not to exist. In other genres you can work around lag, but in a fighting game lag will always be a big negative factor because everything in a fighter is so precise and has to happen at that moment are else the user’s excecution will be off.