CVS2 and MVC2 Music Changing Guide PS2 V 1.0

Guide is now up on my website.

Guide is now up on my website.

great tutorial man, I’m bout to try all this right now.

Updated with all the Marvel info.

Nice job, I also have a guide for changing the music in MvC2 for PS2 -

P.S. - Use DKZ Studio for the AFS and ADX steps, it does everything for you. No need to manually do anything with File lenghts or size for the repacking of the AFS file, the program auto adjusts everything and saves it as a new AFS file.

combo masher is the fockin shit!!!, man if i see ya up in vegas, “a hooker is on me” for ya :bgrin:

Nice, I didn’t know you had a guide.
It actually kept putting out invalid files for me when I tried with DKZ studio, but I’ll try it, if it works, I’ll edit the guide so it is simpler.

Damn Steve… that is a lot of reading to go with a fella’s video games.

this is really cool, thanks

Made a HUGE edit to guide. It was simplified alot by Combomasher’s suggestions.
Basically, this is the final version. Sorry to anybody who might have done this process before I updated the guide. Don’t feel bad, I did it too!