Cvs2 and mvc2 ripped and edited

Ripped by a video card and edited

Who ripped these? Some look vaguely familiar.

I ripped,cleaned and edited.

hey you gonna have other ones soon?

Yes,right now!

could you get for me maki in pink outfit and doom in a edited silver outfit? if not his dark blue is aight. plz? thx in advance.

If you have 3s, could I get any Urien or Q, just the screenshots. If not, then any God Rugal? You can e-mail me them at

hey think you can get one wit strider and his tiger that would koo :slight_smile:

I don’t have 3s and my memory card is not working,there’s no way to get God Rugal…:frowning:
Dios -X- There is a sprite of Maki,not ripped by me,but you can just pallete swap her,and do the same with doom.

Here’s him,byt there’s no a need to edit him,you can rip it in kawaks.

In order to prove to me that you ripped some of those and cleaned them yourself, Rip and clean Yun from CvS2. More then one.

Well if brotha man does rip these things lagit, I wouldn’t mind helpin him out what about you RHM?

i agree with RHM… these rips look familiar

Yun doing what move?

His lunge punch…RHM or GIG come up with another move…The lunge punch is the only one that i haven’t seen ripped.

nice job pichorro:D


I haven’t been posting here that often so excuse this post if your AV has been around for a bit but i’m loving it. Always been a fan of your work RHM.