CVS2:Any Tip or tricks on hitting sakura's A-Groove combo?

i mean i love the DP+fp cancelled into itself over and over again combo(should i technically call this painting the fence?) well anyway does anyone have any tricks to hit it consistantly? since i cant do it most of the time i use the easier DP+fpxxqcb+hkxxDP+fp(repeat) ending with the low hittin super(sorry bad with names) or should i end it with the shinkuu haduken or the Shoryureppa like super?thanx either way

You can buffer the DP motion while the animation for the Shoryuken is happening. IE, do the first “real” DP motion, hold forward, and while she’s doing the animation for the move, just do QCF+P, repeat. Works with Bison as well.

wow i just tried it, thats alot easier especially with paint the fence.:rolleyes:

holy shit that helped alot thanks

Thanks for the help Geekboy. One more question am i suppose to repeat qcf+punch or the whole thing again. :eek:

Like I said, after the first DP motion, you just need to keep doing QCFs, you can slide the joystick from forward to down and vice versa, just make sure you’re coordinated.

Thanks fot the information

holy hell thanx a lot man

Holy shit. Painting the fence is a lot easier now. I love you Geekboy.

I learn from Geekboy about the tech about doing the Dp motion first then im able to do qcf punch. That works for sak but when i do it with bison i get his psycho crusher or SK. What am i doing wrong.

The problem with using the buffer technique with Bison = you have to be VERY precise when you do it, too far up = dive punch, too far back = psycho crusher. I dunno why you’re getting a scissor kick…:confused: So try doing the repeated full DP motion version first, and then try doing the buffer.

Hehe. New tactic unveiled. looks at Sage

Why didn’t you announce this “secret” tip. :stuck_out_tongue:

nice job GB.

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