CVS2: Arcade Cabinet for Sale

Capcom vs SNK 2 ARCADE cabinet for $ale ? Bid @ $150 right now…

wow, good find. wish i didnt have to budget.

*calling a freight company for an estimate as I type this

:rolleyes: No jap sticks? That auction fails. :rolleyes:

LoL!! well I guess if you know someone who can put jap sticks on it. Then your all good :wgrin:

I wouldn’t mind getting it but I don’t know much about freight shipping from FL to MD (basically no more than $1300 for everything which I think is HIGHLY unlikely).

Could this fit in a van? Probably…

Even tho its a long ass way, DALI SHOULD RENT A VAN AND GO GET THIS!


That’s soo cheap.

My God I want this.

still 2 days to go, I’ll bid it last min

fuck! its a shame i live in another continent!

Oooh. Now that’s pretty. Assuming it weighs roughly 200 lbs, I think I could get that shipped to where I work for like $60…

Unfortunately the seller says it’s more like 500lbs

move to trading outlet, you will get alot more interested people there

Wrong Section, try trading outlet

very nice nevertheless

no reserve too


I live about 20 minutes away. That shit is mine lol

Guys be realistic, the price will go way up (one way or another :grin: ) I’d say if you’re not willing to pay atleast a grand you’re dreaming.

Count me out! Fedex wants $1000 for freight shipping. :sad:

wow this is a find. if only this was in a different area.


wait never mind I already have a showcase cabinet right next to me :looney:

that is mad nice, i used to play on a cab like that.