CvS2 Arcade Speed setting for tournaments


I posted this in the evolution thread, but people don’t want to reply, so I am posting here. And note, I want the arcade setting, not the home version. I know the home version is set on 3.

I just wanted to have it clarified what is the game speed set at for CvS2 in tournaments usually? And what is it set at Evolution?

I was under the impression that it was on the default speed of 3, but others claim it is at 4.


I think TS4 was set at 3, it felt kinda slow. I could be wrong.


please answer question…


Just so I dont’ eat up precious space and make a seperate topic, I figured I should ask this while i’m here too - what’s the arcade setting for damage? I’m just curious what the damage rating should be when I practice at home - I recall seeing some combos on vids doing some really fantastic damage, then I repeat them exactly and do about 15% less. I’m currently using the 2 setting for damage on the PS2 version.

Thanks in advance.


3 speed, 2 damage.