CVS2 Arcade Tournament 1 PM FEB 11 GAME ZONE X LOS ANGELES!



DO NOT BE LATE. IF you are late, call in for sign ups, but if you get put in losers’, it’s your own fault!

Game Zone X
14447 Roscoe Blvd
Panorama City, CA 91402

(818) 894-0303

Arcade Q Sound Cabinet
Happ Ultimate Sticks
Competition Buttons


Please note: There will be NO 3s tournament this weekend, the only tournament we are having is CVS2, and that is strictly due to the length of the tournament.


You’re welcome…it was a lot of hell to get that board in there with comp buttons, so you can that SHGLBoss for helping with that…I hope everyone likes switch sticks (Happ Ultimates) because those are NOT being changed.


see everyone there. finally a SOCAL CVS2 tourney…

EDIT: how many cvs2 cabs??? 1?


Yes, 1. I’m not rich =P


Haha, with Happ ultimates, everyone will have trouble ShoSho’ing, and K-Akuma will rule the universe!

Be there this saturday, with (hopefully) a van full of people.


I wanna be in that van!


Thank goodness I don’t use Sakura :wink:

Anyone losing to me should be banned…have not played CVS2 since I played EVO tournament on console, ugh!


See you all there too.


Viscant will be there.

–Jay Snyder


hey hook up me minh and daniel [its me ray from ur console tourney the guy who kept asking bout ur pizza!! LMAO!!] minh said he can drive 3 of us 2 your pad for the van ride and a lil gas money =P so get back to me on that


i don’t mean to be a dick but…happ ultimates… are they playable?


Playable enough, I have one in one of my Custom Sticks. It’s not like it’s unplayable, but just remember it feels like the diagonals are really big, so finding straight down for repeated DP motions might be hard.

Ray: Sounds good, you guys just look for me on AIM tonight.


Happ Ultimates are for people that like to use charge characters. They are your basic 8 way stick. I know a lot of players prefer the 360s, but a lot of old school players still prefer Ultimates. I have had way too many problems on 360s because I can’t find the block and instant angle…so if you aren’t used to them, and have been playing easy mode your whole life on 360s, it’s going to be a rude awakening.


Just for future reference, Competition sticks make better 8-ways than ultimates, and are pretty much the same price. You guys didn’t have too many complaints last week running ST on that cabinet did you? Should be fine.

Edit: Ray, I never heard from you guys on AIM, so I guess you guys are gonna just end up driving the whole way on your own? As it is now, I don’t have enough room for you 3, sorry. I never heard from you guys : / See ya there




i probably could’ve went if this thing wasnt at 1. If i knew viscant was going maybe i could’ve just tagged along. =/

Good luck BEANO!!!


me, bill, and albert are gonna be around 15-20 min late. could someone sign us up? i’ll call just to make sure.


can someone sign me up too?


call the number


Who won this tournament?