CvS2 auto link shit


Why is it in CvS2 that I can do a normal move, then begin to do the motion of a special move and the damn game preforms the move with out me even pressing an exe button?

(This is a random example)

Im doing a “Cr.Fwd” into a “Qca-Qca.AK” (Shinpuu Jinrai Kyaku). I do the “Cr.Fwd” then I do a Double Qca and I porposely[sp] don’t press an exe button and It does a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku with out me even pressing kick.

I can do it fast anough so that the Shinpuu Jinrai Kyaku actually works. Its just if you do it to slow the game does moves that you dont even press the execution buttons to do.


welcome to negative edge


That’s in every capcom fighters after sf2 ww. To prevent that you just have to hold down the button.


Damn, I didn’t know that. Shit.


yeah u could hold the button or press it a little late