CvS2 av


I would like a CvS2 av with Bison and Kyo on it and RSX on the side. Red suits if possible, thanks. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.


I will do this:D

I will work on it right now:rolleyes:


Edit: Sry I just want to make a new 1


here it is:D

if you want any changes I will be happy to do them:cool:


Do you think you could add Geese, or would that be too much? I have to put this on later cause I usually go on srk at school, these com. suck. Thanks alot!


no problem:cool:


here’s the new Av:D


sry I forgot the attachment:sweat:





sry for that white stuff in the corner

heres a new 1 that doesn’t have it in there


I didn’t even notice that:lol: Thanks for fixing it up.