CvS2 avatar request

I need a avatar like this:

Yellow Flame background(it doesn’t matter)
Iori,Ken,and Sagat standing sprites in that order.
A picture of the N-groove gauge
Silent Shinobi somewhere in the avatar.

I know it is a complex project but I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!
ALSO, I would put your name in my signature to make sure that you will be recognized.

Dunno about flamming background but I will give it a try ! :karate:

Don’t worry bout the flames.
Some yella in the background that’s all.

Anyone have any lori sprite rip ? I will just use a regular lori pic if I dont find any sprite…I doubt there is any :confused:

Plenty here


My computer’s jacked up but I bet its good.

(copy n paste)


I can’t do it right now but i’ll paste it later.