CvS2 Avatar Request

I usually make my own AV’s, but I don’t do animation and that’s why I’m asking. Anyways, this might sound a little complex, and if it is just let me know please.

I’d like an avatar with CvS2 Sagat doing his crouching short cancelled into tiger raid. After he does the crouching short, during the super freeze have the letters “GGPO” scroll across and then go away and start the super. It doesn’t have to be just the sprite, it could be a ripped from a video or something (if that’s allowed). Thanks in advance!

EDIT: NVM, cancel request. :smiley:

I found a few pics that might help, although I think they’re from SFA3.

You don’t have to use those if you have better one’s or have a video that you’re allowed to rip.