The other Balrog thread link is broke, so here’s a new one to discuss the BEST boxer of SF (fuck Dudley!)

Favorite Grooves = CAPK

B&B: c.Jabx2, Fierce Headbutt

Pokes: Just about every normal he has

Style: Defense, offense, either or

Must know combos: c.Jabx2, Crazy Buffalo and c.RH, Gigaton Blow (COME ROUND!!!)


Couple things:

In N-Groove, with 3 stocks, does this work: block a jump-in, alpha counter (his headbutt, right?) and right when you land, break stock, gigaton blow? I know Bison can do this with the super Psycho Crusher, so I figure it would work with rog as well. Except for Rog leaves the ground for his alpha counter, so i don’t know.

Does anyone else think that the turn around punch should have had autoguard a la Chang’s Breaking Iron Ball? It would have a made a useless move semi-useful. Not that Balrog really needs another move that bad, but STILL! Who can’t see that shit coming? At least with autoguard you could at least counter shit with it…


On Sagat walk back and fourth and press HP…Poke and link with ducking MP…and super when open…thats it…Rush hits are obvious so use them wisely…and just whoop ass…Little girl chars own him up so be careful…


Wassup NGL Geekboy!!!


Yep…probably out of all the characters I play, Balrog is the most confident vs Sagat. Cause when it comes down to it, once Sagat is on the corner, it’s curtains. S.Fierce goes over Sagat’s c.Fierce, c.MP will stuff Sagat’s low pokes, and all that Sagat can really do is Tiger Shot you or hope you misjudge a s.Fierce to do a super…

Balrog is still one of the great turtlers of the game, people ARE scared when you sit, since you have like 30 different options to everything they’re gonna do.


I really like balrog. he is a powerhouse that is fun to play with. just started using him and he doesn’t do to bad. watching an playing people at golfland is fun with him although i still have trouble fighting sagats and such. his supers are too good sometimes the speed and the invicibility on the normal super and the strength on the lvl 3 one is great he is my kinda character. that is all for now till i learn him better.:smiley:



Balrog can be very deadly if place in the right hands. My question is can he be useful at all in N or S. I was thinking because of the dodge in S that he could offer some problems for ppl. I was also wondering since meter can be build pretty fast in N that he would be very good. I can see where he would be very good in P because if you can parry then Balrog becomes another huge problem for ppl. What about his A grove combos i thought they only work on medium/large characters. does he have another cc i dont know about.


I don’t like using Balrog in N because he doesn’t get to charge often…Run rushes aren’t really great with Balrog…but K groove suits him better because he can chill and JD and still get lots of meter and be the scariest thing you’ve ever seen with his lvl 3 + 25% more damage.


I agree if his turn around punch could be cancel then a lot of ppl would be scared to throw out random moves.


Thanksim going to switch him from N to K because i really then think about the JD part at all. Just one thing do you think is better as a Ratio 1 or 2 or does it just matter on the player.


He does a lot of damage whichever ratio he is, I prefer him as a 1 though, since I’ll have someone like Sagat on my team.


Well in S groove his dodge attacks are good and his level one is one of the most abuseable to just throw out there.


If you’re having trouble linking Balrog’s supers from his Jabs…you could always do a form of NE cancelling…

So do c.Jab, c.Jab, c.Jab(hold), motion+Strong or Fierce or Roundhouse…If you wanna do a Lvl 1: Just let go of Jab where you would press any other button.


I tried Balrog last night in A grove. I was wondering was his cc c.RH, jab rush punch, short/forward hook punch to the corner then super. I was wondering was this right and was there others.

Also what are some of his best and worst match ups.


Balrog’s DAMAGING custom is: Activate, s.Fierce, Fierce Dash Straight, RH Dash Upper xN xx Crazy Buffalo.

The problem with this custom is setting it up…the only time you’ll ever get to use this is if you either dizzy someone or they make a big mistake and you’ll be able to nail it when they come back down.

Best matchups…people who can’t block either s.Fierce or Jab Dash Straight…no…but they do have a big weakness against Balrog…Balrog is a good match vs Sagat, especially if you get Sagat into the corner, then he has little to no chance to getting out c.Fierce if you’re on the aggressive.

Worst…people who can really be running all over, Vega, Bison, Rolento.


Iam having problems w/Vega .What moves /or supers ,should I use against him? I know his level 3 is good , I mostly use C,A,K
grooves. thanks


When he jumps at you hit Cr.HP. This is Balrog’s anti-air. Also I believe you can also do his HK Uppercut Dash, since it auto traces I think. Vega’s poke out beat yours and hes twice as fast. I hate this match-up.


I think Balrog’s c.MP can stuff the early phases of Vega’s c.MP. If he’s turtling, you can turtle to, and your turtle is probably more useful, you have more options once you decide to sit down.

Although it’s hard to win this match since your s.Fierce and Straight Rush are rendered obsolete, you basically have to counterpoke and have to get lucky with RCing…


Also…but this is if you have like FAST FAST reflexes…if Vega happens to whiff a c.Strong, you could activate CC, and land him with a low Rush Punch, and go into the standard Dash Upper AA custom.


Has anyone tried the alpha counter into gigaton blow combo i suggested???

Oh yeah, and the RH dashing upper does track and auto-punch right under the opponent, and IIRC, there isn’t anyone who jumps high enough to dodge the punch. Am i right?


i lost faith in the sagat vs balrog match a long time ago, personally(i dont need to hear any flames/responses/rebuttal/arguments on this one. its just my view) unless Rog is roll cancelling, sagat still has that shit pretty tight. and i cant roll cancel charge moves very easily People keep saying balrogs s.fierce is so much better, but i see Sagat slap that shit in the face with his own pretty damn consisently.
Rogs c.strong just aint all that great from my experience as far as poking goes, his c.forward is better as far as i can tell, although you cant cancel off it.
But for my additions to the piece.

Bread and Butter combo is 2 low jabs into jab(i think) headbutt, in the event that you want a knockdown. You can do three low jabs into headbutt on bigger characters. Of course if you dont want them on the ground then do the jabs(only 2 i think) into jab rush punch.
You want an auto guard on the Turnaround Punch? Try this:
roll with your index+thumb, then roll your thumb to the right immeadiately striking strong+fierce with your middle + ring fingers. DO NOT CHARGE THE MOVE or the roll cancel will be negated, but if you do it right its one of the easiest types of RC and youre invulnerable for the startup of the punch.
His a-combos i used were as follows:
if opponents is WIDE open, activate, s.fierce,RH Dash Upperx9,Short dash UpperxN, finish with rush punch super.
Anti Air : charge back, forward plus K (hit the opponent out of the air with the Dash Uppercut), activate, juggle [to corner] with dash short uppers, [in corner] fierce dash punch XN, super.
my only other balrog trick is the tick throw stuff I do. Basically, low short, kick throw. dash over body - repeat…mixup…blah blah blah.