CvS2: Balrog (Vega)

I didn’t see this name up there on the list of CvS2 people done, so I am going to go ahead and start this one.

I am working on a P Balrog. I know his pokes are essentially,, sometimes c.fp, stand fp, and His anti-air would be the somersault, but more frequently it should be stand fk. I know the cross up wall claw technique.

I also know neat little P Groove only tricks like, if you’re Parrying any level projectile super, just Parry the first hit and KKK flip and the rest will whiff you, at any level. If you do this is a few other continuing supers, such as Kim’s combo rushing super, if you Parry and PPP he’ll back off and Kim will keep going leaving him open.

Can someone tell me the properties on the Wall Dive Throw? I try to get it, but it seems to only come out when people jump. Also, some combos would be nice, the whole poking thing is cool but combos are nice.

If anyone knows tactics against Cammy, Sagat, and Blanka it would also be much appreciated.

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Setup for Red Impact:

hit with tip of c. rh, then super
whiff short Flip Kick, then super
blocked roll, then super

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I used to play with Vega©, but since I switched to N, Vega became kinda weak. Against Sagat, low-jumping Vega is fine as long as you know when to low jump.

Blanka dies against Vega. Just jump around air-blocking things and try to throw Blanka around.

With Cammy, just stay in the corner and try to punish whiff moves.

The only thing i dont liek about vega is he doesnt have a really relayable anti-air. so characters like cammy and blanka can just cross up and jump in on him all day.

Vega has good antiairs…s. rh, c. fierce, Red Impact, RC Flip Kick.

Vega has a good anti air, charge <-- --> rh. Well, i know it isn’t <–, but i think everyone knows what i’m talking about, his flip kick. Its good anti air and wake up.

Standing Roundhouse has more priority than the flip kick. P-Vega is the best Vega imo because the parry really boosts Vega’s anti-air options, giving the flip kick some ghetto invincibility, and giving Vega a solid option against cross-ups. Throw in his great short jump game, good dash, and the little bonus of being able to hold a level 3 indefinatly make this the best. The biggest drawback is the short guard meter. For those characters who are already more than capable of rushing Vega down (BISON! and Cammy), you better be sharp with your parry chops with you or else it’s going to be a long day for Vega.

this wright here makes vega a monster in this fucking game CvS2 Red Impact Charge Bug Guide

By Majestros

The Red Impact charge bug allows Vega to store charge for the lvl3 Red Impact super. Apparently, the CvS2 system keeps track of charge separately for this super and Vega’s other charge moves. This is probably because of the special condition for performing the Red Impact - Vega must have his claw. If Vega loses his claw while he is charged, he is able to reclaim his Red Impact charge by picking up his claw. He can then perform the Red Impact within the normal window of execution for a super move by inputting the remaining commands (F, B, F + P). If the super is not performed during this window, Vega’s charge dissipates normally. The stored charge can only be used to perform the Red Impact super and not any of Vega’s other charge moves. It doesn’t matter which player is using Vega, what Groove is being used, how long it takes to reclaim the claw, or whether Vega meets the meter requirements for the super when he loses the claw as long as those requirements are met when Vega attempts to perform it. In addition, if Vega does any special or super moves that require him to use charge, he loses his stored Red Impact charge. Unfortunately Vega’s combo ability is extremely limited so this video is not flashy at all, but it gets the point across. This glitch does exist in both CvS and CvSPro with identical properties.

got any good rush downs shit with this sexy bullfighter

what im sayin is i know he has anti-airs, but not very good ones…he has the charge one but you have to sit there for 2 seconds, and his C. fp and s. rh arent that good unless you have a certain spacing. if vega is in the corner its very hard to get out for him when your opponent is super jupming and jumping in on you. what i would liek to know is how do some on you deal with this type of situation

mr fuck: Yes and no. For most match-ups, you won’t want to get close with Vega and do things like blocked links into blocked 2-in-1s for pressure such as what Bison, Cammy or a shoto might do. Against most characters, you’ll want to do your pressure from near Vega’s max short jump roundhouse range. From here you can use your pokes (c.strong, s.strong, c.fierce, s.fierce, c.forward, slide, I don’t want to explain the uses unless I’m asked. I’m sleepy and still need to do kitchen chores) to annoy/pressure your opponent. Mix in a helping of low jump roundhouse w/follow-ups and the occasional empty low jump to throw.

cdaskillz: Vega’s anti-airs really don’t need that specific of spacing. Standing roundhouse will get people who jump from an acute angle, even if they are slightly above Vega’s foot. Ducking fierce is more leaniant than I realized. It’s a great long range anti-air. Flipkick sucks ass :mad: Vega doesn’t have much of an answer for people jumping at really steep angles on top of his head. Thus, I think P-groove is his best groove because he can either try to parry, or try to jump, (opitonal parry) and air throw. But I’m a lazy wuss who plays K-groove :lol:

If I feel weary about anti airing, I do a KKK flip while they are deep in the jump and c.lp or something.

I don’t fully understand the Red Impact glitch. This is the way I understand it, and I am not sure if I am right - Balrog has claw and is charging, Balrog loses claw, Balrog walks over and as soon as claw is picked up, do f,b,f+p and Red Impact comes out?

Vega is one of those magical characters who you can almost use in every groove. Damn do I love him. However, being a Vega player since the game’s release, IMO, his grooves from best to worst: K, P, N, C, A, S

K- I feel K is the best because JD gets rid of his defensive holes. Since Vega doesn’t hit very hard, so the rage is very important to him. His run is very good and you get his fast low jumps. Vega doesn’t super often anyway so use your meter for the rage as it really helps him.

P- Parrying gets rid of his defensive holes too. There’s no run in this groove, but Vega’s dash is great so it doesn’t matter. I put K above P just because of the power boost in K which I feel helps Vega immensely.

N- He can roll in this groove, and he gets a small power boost, but any power boost for Vega is important. He can also battery for other characters because he really doesn’t get a lot of shots to land a super. He also keeps low jump.

C- Again he can battery here. Vega is one of the best batteries, if not best in the game. His dash is terrific again so the loss of run doesn’t matter that much, but he loses low jump. The air block kinda helps him out…He can also take advantage to sit on his Red Impact. (Can be applied to P too)

A- His customs suck. I use him in A, but only as a battery. His keeps his great dash and again here he can roll. I think Vega can somewhat work well in A because while his customs suck, he can take advantage of the other options and build meter and he can fend for himself while doing so.

S- Just don’t see anything special with him in this groove. Maybe abusable Level 1 wall dive supers…

I’ve not seen this discussed here, so I’ll go in:

Best jump attacks are: Fierce for air to air (beats if timed correctly Bison/Vega’s air Roundhouse), and Roundhouse for jump-ins, although both RH and FI are good in both tasks.

The wall dive grab was a little tricky at first, at least for me, accostumed to do it in Zero3, where it had a great range.
You can grab grounded opponents, it’s just that you have to be very close; Vega’s head has to be around the opponet chest level.

Now, a question… Does anyone find any use to the wall dive supers?

The easiest way I’ve found to do the Izuna Drop is to press forward and punch at the same time near the enemy. It doesn’t usually work for me when I hold forward/back and press punch, but it works 100% of the time when I press them simultaneously.

In regards to Rolling Izuna Drop, I haven’t really found a good use for it, other than having fun… heh.

Just a couple of notes on counter characters.

Vega works great against Yamazaki and Hibiki IMO. He’s okay against Sagat. The match isn’t in his favor but it’s not a landslide. Same thing with Blanka but I think they’re probably 50/50.

Vega gets killed by Bison and Cammy. Cammy’s jump short counters everything Vega does and Bison’s guard crush capabilities are devastating.

Yeah that is pretty much true. Cammy’s owns him in the air. I was up against a Balrog and I was worried for a while, but then I realized he really couldn’t get in on me safely.

Anyone can explain the Red Impact glitch question I had earlier?

That’s right.

Thanks alot. That is pretty sick.