CvS2 bay areaaaaaa


you guys down for cvs2 around 5 or 6 pm? we are very free to run this tourney, casuals all day as well

Date: Saturday, Nov 16
Time: 3pm
Registration: on-site, opens 3pm
Venue fee: $7 to play, just spectating is free
Location: 1607 Old County Rd, San Carlos 94070
Norcal Dogfight is every 3rd Saturday of the month
Double elim singles isn’t the only tourny format we run

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core +R
Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS
Capcom vs. SNK 2

3pm~6pm: Guilty Gear AC+R - double elim, free entry
Bans: EX characters, Shadow/Gold colors, Baiken/May/Kliff j.D glitch
Whether or not macros are banned is between you and your opponent

4:30pm~8pm: Gundam EXVS - double elim, team hold, free entry

6pm~10pm: BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma - double elim, $3 entry
TO: Manabe
Setups: Cabs, 2 PS3 setups (Brett/notKBF)
Bans: Unlimited characters, Noel hat (double astrals)

8pm~10pm: AQUAPAZZA
Format is TBD

10pm~: Guilty Gear AC+R teams

Side tournament: time based on when everyone shows up
Capcom vs SnK 2 - double elimination, free entry
TOs: eh-sama, Manabe
Setups: Cab + two PS2 setups


Thanks for the reminder. I probably can’t make this one, but if I am free, I will try to come out.


I’ll be there ~3:30, might leave early. Can someone PM me their cell in case I need last minute directions, access to building, etc? Thx.
KManabe- lmk who you are at the event, I’ll be running todo/beni/joe.


Is there going to be a dogfight in December?


Yes. Tonight. I wonder if someone has fixed the power situation.


Sup everyone, this is eh-sama, the guy who runs the CvS2 event along with Manabe.
Unfortunately we skipped CvS2 and a bunch of other games last time because we threw a beginners GG tourney which took a lot of time, but we definitely want to have a consistent CvS2 ranbat if possible, either at dogfight or under Caliburst if it’s not viable.

To ensure that CvS2 ranbats are held at dogfight, there are a couple of changes that I would like to try to make it all work out:

  1. Start earlier (4:00 or 4:30)
  2. Have more setups available

Besides the two CRT setups, there is a possibility for one PS3 setup through the arcade cab. Are there any problems with the PS3 setup?

If neither option is available, then we can move it to the Caliburst event which is the first Saturday of every month, however I don’t think we can borrow stream time for CvS2 in that case.

What do you all prefer?


I might be able to swing us another full PS2 setup


Sup EH, I think the strong preference would be to have cvs2 stay on with dogfights, having the stream archive to look back at is nice.

Can we arrange for more CRT setups? I think that would be better than trying to deal with ps3 lag+display lag. I’d be down to bring my ps2+cvs2 as well, if we have CRTs to play on.

If we absolutely can’t have more CRTs, then ps3 for pool matches would be the next best solution. PS3 port lags a little, but if you have a low-lag display, it’s not too bad. What kind of monitor is in the arcade cab?


The display for the ps3 is sub 1-frame input lag; probably just as good if not better than you could do with the ASUS monitors.
However if the port is laggy then that is a problem. Are there any settings that we could use to make that better? If not, then we’ll have to see what we can do about getting more CRTs. I guess I’ll try testing it out at CaliBurst.
Although it may be moot if we start earlier with the two CRT setups that are normally there. The problem is more of getting CvS2 done on time, or at least top 4 stream ready before all the other tourneys really pick up.

@Lord_Raptor: is it normally you or Manabe that brings the second CRT setup? If it’s manabe and you can bring another CRT then I think that is good enough.


Manabe usually brings it.


yeah i usually have a setup, but since it was talons birthday and i was drunk everything i did at dogfight last time was terrible

i think running the event earlier is for the best, since we have a lot of games at the tournament.

the problem with running cvs2 at 6pm is there is a surprisng amount of overlap between blazblue and cvs2 players, not so much guilty gear. and blazblue and guilty players also overlap so it would be best to keep cvs2 and blazblue not running at the same time unless cvs2 has been well started

definitely gonna have it next time even if i’m not there

  1. The earlier the better.
  2. I can bring a small CRT if it’s needed. It has permanent VIDEO on screen though.
    I probably cannot make Jan NCD due to scheduling conflicts, but plan on attending future events.


If you turn off smoothing in the ps3 settings, it reduces the lag a lot. There is still a little bit of residual lag, but it isn’t too bad, maybe a couple of frames from what I heard. PS2 version is still much-preferred by everybody, at least because all the people who still play cvs have ps2 sticks and may not have converters.

My preference would be not to move the start time up. Just a personal scheduling thing, since I usually have a lot to get done on weekends, but I could probably still make it at 4 if necessary. 6 PM or even later, if possible, would be preferred.


Just because you start the tournament early doesnt mean you need all the people there. I think if you start signups around 4 you can start play at 5 and still allow signups later. We know most the people that will be coming in advance anyways so its possible to sign people up that are not even there. Just extend the bracket to have “ghost players” so in case you need to place some one in later there is a spot they can fill.

This doesnt sound that smooth but the tournament itself if free so as long as its run in a transparent way I dont think people really care. They want to get some competition in on a good game. No one is becoming pro cvs2 anytime soon … but hey maybe if we get something consistent we can bring that back. This game is still more entertaining then half the crap out there.

Basically Im saying as long as the the power concerns and scheduling shit is set I dont think anyone will mind arranging the CVS2 setup around those parameters … its better than nothing.


TLDR: earlier is OK?


EH or Manabe- do you know what happened to the twitch videos from nov? I saw them on there 1 time, and then next time they were gone.

mr.w- yes & allow for late entries.

maka- let’s do some joe practice. i’m pretty sure i could convince you to switch to c-todo, x, joe.


Dunno; probably magz is in the process of moving them to youtube.

So for scheduling lets have signups start at 3:15 pm and the tournament start around 4:15 and see how this works out.
Casuals can run all throughout the day as well.
The power situation should be okay now.
If you show up late and the first round of the bracket has not completed yet, we can insert you into the losers bracket from the start. However, I expect things to move rather quickly since the only conflicting game will be Guilty Gear.

Date: Saturday, JAN 18
Time: 3pm
Registration: on-site, opens 3pm
Venue fee: $7 to play, just spectating is free
Location: 1607 Old County Rd, San Carlos 94070
Norcal Dogfight is every 3rd Saturday of the month


Cool, thanks EH.


I will bring a PS2 setup as usual!

look forward to sat


Can someone do me a favor this weekend and ask the staff if they still have the cvs2 arcade cab up and running? If so, GC2 is open most thursdays, and it would be nice to have the option for cvs2 on a weekday. Thanks!