CvS2 bay areaaaaaa


The CVS2 setup works


Cool, thanks!


change in schedule, i’ll be at ncd afterall. see you all there.


Capcom vs SNK 2 Double Elim

Silent Scope

Lord Raptor




Shelled Menance


The last ranbat ran very well. Between the two PS2 setups and the arcade cab we were able to get top 4 ready within an hour, and we could also run in and out of the stream within an hour.
I think we will keep this schedule from now on.


I’m so fucking mad at bad I played on stream. Mindfucked myself in that last match, had been playing KOF before I got to GC and totally forgot the reflector can’;t reflect supers because it can in KOF.


ggs ncd. is the next one feb 15 or 22?

L_R- i don’t think there was a better way to end that set.


Next one will be the 15th.


Glad it went down smoothly. Sucks though that four dogfights in a row fall on holiday weekends. I’m down to meet up at GC2 to practice if anybody is interested.


Anyway picking up better teams

N- Mai, Iori, Sagat and A- Vega, Rolento, Bison


interesting team you are using.

i’m gonna put together another ps2 stick. we should play.


Bison is kind of a maybe, trying to think of a decent third I actually wanna run


MrW- GC2 when?
anybody played on an xarcade stick before? it seems impossible to get a mas anymore.


How bout next Friday? They open at 7:30, I can let you know next week what time I can make it.


the time seems fine. is there a cover charge, quarters, do you need a stick?


yeah, but its only 2 dollars on thursday/friday.

i’ll see if i can make it this friday, incase i go i can bring a setup if needed… but theres the cab also


that cab was hard to play on. i’m interested in going, but i’ll prob try it out after i order a stick.


K guys, just let me know if you’re going for sure. I doubt I’ll find other cvs2 players on a random Friday night. Thanks

EDIT: Looks like a couple of other people will be meeting up too, so I’m for sure going. Hopefully see you there.


As a reminder, the next event is on Feb. 15th. Signups start at 3:15 and tourney will start around 4:15.

This time, on top of top 4 for the stream we will have a money match between Manabe (R4 A-Yuri) and Tone (R4 K-Ryo) in a FT5(?), which should be rather amusing.

Date: Saturday, Feb 15th
Time: 3pm
Registration: on-site, opens 3pm
Venue fee: $7 to play, just spectating is free
Location: 1607 Old County Rd, San Carlos 94070
Norcal Dogfight is every 3rd Saturday of the month


Actually scratch that.
Because of the new gundam release, we have to move some things around.
Would people be okay if we held the tourney later (say 7 pm) and aim to stream top 4 sometime between 9:30-10pm?