CvS2 bay areaaaaaa


lol punch beats slap.
i’ll be there. i’m okay with either of those times.


LOL @ the sibling rivalry MM. Beware of gimmicks Manabe!

I can’t make it again, unfortunately. 3rd Saturday of the month sucks! I’m going to be gone in March too. Still, hope to get some GC practice in later this month.


Okay, for now lets keep it at the original schedule (3:15 till whenever). I will post when I have more details.


Ill be trying to keep information updated about san carlos for cvs2 here … tournament results as well as session times …


yoooooo. So at fgtv today I literally played the best I have ever played competitively in a fighting game since I was 21/22(30 now) Playing ST/CVS2. During that 8-year span, I was smoking a shit ton of weed and drinking. When I got into losers, I remembered when leezy came to concord and literally destroyed me 18+ games in a row. I literally did a 180 in losers and almost beat a good player(not bad for a marvel noob). For the past 8 years I’ve played cvs2 very poorly, and before I leave norcal for a while I really want to show you guys what a decent player I am. Hopefully I can get a ride to the tournament this weekend. Although, I have nothing to practice cvs2 on.


So we can’t set a slot for CvS2 on the stream due to the new gundam and will have to borrow the stream whenever it becomes available. My guess is that it will be after gundam around 7:30ish or after BB around 9:30ish. We will have to make it only top 3 with GF being only 2/3 due to time constraints.

Regardless I think we should just hold the same schedule and then hold casuals until the stream frees up as I am not sure how many people will show for CvS2 anyway.


That’s pretty lame.


Never mind, we now have a set time slot for 9:00 pm.
Same time schedule and stream parameters apply (start at 4:15, Top 3 only stream 2/3 GF) to accommodate the Tone-Manabe CvS2 MM.


Just having the cab set up will be cool. All players get your girlfriend shit out of the way to night … dont drop that custom combo in the bed room. Just do the BnB and youll finish the job. … ill be there at 3pm to make sure shit gets set up but come whenever.

Happy Valentines day and keep rockn … here is a site with the basic info … holla …

#1010 2:09:47 … some times we get streams … lets make them better


I’ll be there today, and try to get there early to set up and test out my new x-arcade stick. so far it doesn’t look promising and I’ll probably return it.
shinobi- i think i’ve played you before, n-groove? i think i lost to you.
yuri vs ryo with 3 or 4 supers, i don’t think you need ft5 of this. ft3 should be enough then have top 4 if possible. or, if you can squeeze in a separate cvs2 MM stream when other games are off and there’s more time i have some boss characters i can throw in too.


We are trying to get CvS2 in as a side game at NCR 2014. To do that, however, we need to provide our own setups, and I can’t provide any CRTs at this time (car is too small for that shit). Can anybody bring a CRT to NCR so we can run an event for NorCal’s signature game? PM me if you would be able to provide one, thanks.


Please note that the next dogfight event will be on March 22nd and not the 15th.
Time will be the same, and now we have a set time slot for stream at 9:00 pm.


Amazing! I can finally make it to a dogfight! Kudos for the date change, I was looking at being MIA until May with the usual schedule (NCR is the same weekend in April).


I’m going to this dogfight FOR SURE.

Sam were you asking if you could borrow some CRTs and other equipment?


I was, but it’s for NCR, not the dogfight.

NCR is going to be in Sacramento this year, and I’m running the tournament. You should come out if you can!


Apparently Alex Jebailey can make a difference by doing a proper CvS2 port with online support too.

Q: Will we get CvS2?
A: “You Better Believe it! I told them I wouldn’t accept the job unless that was in the contract.”


Hey guys not trying to hijack the thread or anything but I just wanted to invite any cvs2 players to come out and get some games in tomorrow. We are having a get together at my warehouse and I have a dedicated showcase with og p360s running cvs2. If we get enough players I have a new vs. city I can setup with cvs2 as well. Here is a link with the location information its starting at noon tomorrow hope to see you there. BIGTIME Arcade Events Hayward


Hi, announcing times and places to play cvs2 is welcome and encouraged! Thanks for popping in here. The link to your old thread with the address and everything was down, could you please post it here? I can’t make it due to plans tomorrow, but post up future gatherings and I’ll try to make it out. Especially if you are close to BART.


Awesome I’m glad to hear it. Too bad you wont be showing up. My place is super close to BART. It’s like 5 blocks away from the south Hayward station. And thanks for letting me know I will fix the link and address.