CvS2 bay areaaaaaa


Location has been fixed. I will post dates and times of all future events on my thread and I will also drop a line here to give the cvs2 crew a heads up.




I’ll be there the 22nd.


where’s the event gonna be guys?


1607 Old County Rd, San Carlos 94070
I’ll be there around 3:30.


Next Dogfight is at April 26th (not the 15th) because of NCR.


Thanks EH-San.

Don’t forget, if you’re going to NCR, to register for the cvs2 tournament! We need to have the top two, in terms of numbers of entrants, to get on stream.


Manabe may not be able to make it, so we will be short a setup.
Can someone bring a CRT and setup?


NOt sure I’ll be able to, getting there mad alte this time.


Thanks everybody who made the NCR tournament happen! 22 entrants, here are the full results: Special shoutouts to Maka, FusionTR, and Lord_Raptor for helping make the tournament happen. Also shoutout to choiboy for inviting us to participate.

Is cvs2 starting at 4 this saturday? I can provide the ps2 and game if somebody else can drop off the CRT.


We can start a little bit later, say 5pm.


No prob, thanks to all who keeps cvs2 alive.


Thanks for the update EH, I’ll spread the word for Saturday.


Can’t make NCD this time.
Any footage from NCR coming?


That’s too bad Albert, I think we’re gonna have a pretty good turnout this time out. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll have much NCR footage - we didn’t have the requisite entries for stream time (Blazblue and 3rd Strike beat us out). Check LionX’s youtube, he recorded a handful of matches and might post them someday.

Any word on another setup yet EH?


nope, so we will only have my setup and the cab unless someone else brings a crt and a setup


Not to fear, I found somebody who can bring a CRT today. We’ll see you at 5.


NCD CvS2 Results (16 entrants)

  1. Leezy
  2. Eh-Sama
  3. EMP Cowboy Frieza
  4. Danny

Next NCD should be third Sat. of May, but I will post if that’s not the case.


What time’s the tourney this Saturday?


We can make it start around 5 again.