CvS2 bay areaaaaaa


Cool. Do you think we’ll have to wait until 9 to be streamed again? If so, maybe we should start later? If not 5 is fine.


I won’t be able to attend again it seems don’t get off work till 4:30 and it would take like two hours to get to GC by train, if another PS2 is needed I can see if Tone can grab my setup.


Our set schedule for stream is 9. I just start at 5 because I don’t know how many people will show up and/or their availability as they play other games. I guess I could start at 5:30 without consequence, if that is preferred.


Can’t makeNCD again unfortunately. HF.


Hey EH, yeah 5:30 would be better. Thanks!


Ok 5:30 it is then


as a reminder, next one is June 21


I’ll be there!


5:30 start time again?


Yes. Can someone bring an additional setup again?


I can bring my ps2 and cvs2, can y’all provide a CRT? Leezy isn’t coming, so that isn’t an option this time around.


We can probably borrow the rear large CRT next to the CvS2 machine for that.


Nice, the monster CRT we used for the finals. I’ll bring my setup.


Also bringing my PS2


I’ll be there tomorrow, probably around 5 if it starts at 530.


nm can’t make it today afterall. hf


CvS2 Dogfight postponed to next week.


Thanks for posting that here. I won’t be able to make it next weekend, but should be able to make it next month.


i’m down for some casuals. who still plays?


I’d be down to play casuals, but won’t be available to play really until the next Dogfight in mid-August.