CvS2 bay areaaaaaa


Good times everybody, thanks for showing up for cvs2 tourneys this year. See you in 2015!

Results for the December Caliburst CvS2 tourney:


Randomly decided to check the forums and there was a cvs2 tourney that I miss out on? Damn it… No wonder I can’t throw fireballs consistently. Glad to see this game is still alive. When’s the next one? So I can work on my bnb like jab jab sweep fireball and my mix ups like double roll to level 3 lol


some casual matches from caliburst.
mr w v sr p
eh v sr p
eh v sr p


Thanks for the upload, didn’t know you were recording, paparazzi-style! Even though it was one of my worst matches, I can still learn from it.

@someaznguy‌ tourneys go down the first Saturday of each month.


When and where is the hot spot to get some good casuals in? Or is this game is becoming obsolete like white runners in the Olympics


Scene is kinda disorganized right now. You may get lucky and get casuals on a Saturday night in Game Center2 in San Carlos, but it isn’t reliable.

Hopefully Extravagant gets his weekly thing going at MGL for people in the south bay to play. No idea if that’s still going to happen or not.


cool, thanks for the heads up. i’m usually in the san jose area during the weekends and what is this caliburst thingamajig?


I updated the first post with info about the monthly tourney at Caliburst.


Caliburst is this Saturday! 5 PM as usual.


Hey bro I plan to start the first CvS2 sessions at MGL next Tuesday. The only thing I am worried about though is the fact that I dont have:

  • 1 CRT TV
  • 4 PS2 Fight Stick (or at LEAST 2 sticks)

I am short these items because of the simple fact that I need at least 2-4 sticks because everybody uses stick. I am the only pad player.

Also I wanna get two setups going on but I’m going to need another CRT TV.

money money money… unless someone wants to bring some sticks we can lend it and make the event hype as fuck.

I talked to Crackfriend and a few other OGs and they told me they were hella down to play CvS2. so it might be even more hype than I imagined


I know 2KWatts has all the equipment you need, you should def try and pry him away from his girl long enough to play in the tourney. Brotherman at least has a stick too, so make sure he can make it out.

If you have 12 ppl or less, then one setup should be fine. It might be a little slow, but with people playing other games it won’t be too bad. Good luck!


Wow, if you are really doing this next Tuesday the 13th (evening?), I would very much like to join your group. I happen to be werking in Milpitas that day, and I can show up after. Good stuff to all of you for keeping this game alive, its still my favorite. :smiley:



I just played last night (Friday 1/10/2015) at the Capsule Entertainment weekly Friday Milpitas Golfland tournament.
In the middle of the tourney, I setup a side station for CvS2.
I had one setup going and guess what?
Crackfriend was there, Joe Flores, Johnny, and many other people were playing. Even some new heads were there.
I swear we had a line of like 5-6 people playing.
Imagine if we had two setups going on.
There was hella hype too because lots of O.G.'s who play SF4 were excited to play CvS2 again.
This is our chance to bring the hype!!

Hell yeah bruh. I’m bringing the game back!
Don’t come next Tuesday though because I have work that day so I won’t be there.
I am planning to do it next Friday the 16th. (I gotta check my schedule though, wait on that)
Next week I will be busy, HOWEVER…

The following week after next week, every Tuesday and Friday we will have room for CvS2. At 7 PM you can come through and play. We will have 2-3 stations setup to play the game and the host of the tournament (Joe Flores) is super excited and eager to host CvS2 in front of one of the biggest SF4 crowds in NorCal.

We can hype this shit guys!!!
I just need this:

  • PS2 Arcade Sticks
  • CRT TVs
  • PS2s
  • CvS2 Game

I have enough tools to setup 1 station right now. To setup 2 stations, I need like one more CRT TV. And for the people who don’t have PS2 sticks, I’m going to need to borrow at least 4 for the people who don’t have PS2 generation arcade sticks.

(I’m in process of tryna find out how to convert PS3/360 signal to PS2 so anybody can play)


For next week, I will be in Milpitas just on Tuesday. However, if you will have this thing more established the week after, I will try to schedule to be out there the days you say so. I would love to help you with your equipment needs, but I’m so old bruh I only ever played this game in arcades or Dreamcast, and I’m a pad boy as well pimpin. ; )


I’m a pad player too so I just got my CvS2 setup going there. I have PS2 controllers also.

FOR SURE, I will be scheduling January 20th and January 23rd for sure though. Expect it. because I ain’t got nothing going on those days.

If any of you guys have an old CRT TV, that would help a lot as we can set up two stations.
I’m setting up a 3rd CvS2 station possibly with the PSN version of the game.


Holda, holda, hold up, I just caught this, do you mean you was there playing on Friday, January 9th!? Goddammit, I was there that Friday after work. When I got there and found out MGL was a shell of what it usetabe, and took out the fighting game half of their arcade for Laser Tag, I was bummed out. I cut out of there like 6:30 p.m. Wut time did your crew show up?


That’s great news re: last Friday’s event and the upcoming tourneys on the 20th and 23rd. I’ll spread the word.

I do suggest, if you are going to have a PS3 CvS2 setup, that you do not run tournament on that setup. PS3 Cvs2 is fine for casuals, but the lag does throw things off. Especially if you are switching back and forth between lagless PS2 setups and the PS3 version.


Yeah man I was there on the 9th. I got there at like 5:30 PM and I was in the “lobby room.” The event actually didn’t start until 7:30 PM because the host was running late, but you should’ve already seen all the geeky game nerds show up around 6:30 PM. We weren’t in the actual arcade room, we were in the lobby room where they host birthday parties n shit. That’s where we setup a bunch of consoles to play fighting games.

Awesome! I just got word back from Joe. If we hype it up enough we can get our own oldskool CvS2 tourneys going on. However CPS IV staff has said that next Friday is the only Friday tourney/casuals available. After that he won’t be hosting Fridays anymore mainly because Fridays were just a temporary SF4 Norcal League event. On the contrary, the on-going, existing tournaments that will occur is on Tuesday nights though.

You should still come out on Tuesdays because it’s really fun!

And yeah I don’t need a PS3 anymore to play the game. The lag is bad and I finally got two TVs so I can bring two PS2s :slight_smile:


are you coming to the MGL event to play some cvs2 next week?


Join this page:

this is the facebook page where we will be hosting our cvs2 events