CvS2 bay areaaaaaa


Just so I know what to tell people, is the next MGL Cvs2 going to be on Tuesday the 20th? What time will it start?


Tuesday AND Friday. both are optional for you next week. I’m going to both, because I’m the ONLY guy bringing the cvs2 setups right now.

after that though, the tourney host is gonna go back to only hosting Tuesday events. HOWEVER I might be able to talk to the host to see if we can get a separate oldskool fighting game event to come up on Fridays, or every other Friday. Something like that.

The host of Capsule Entertainment loves CvS2 and I think he might be down to do it if we can show up with lots of people next Friday.

I tried contacting Leezy but he has not responded. did he change his number? and does anybody know Wis new phone number? that A-Groove asshole that used to body me all the time hahaha. I havent talked to him for years but I wanna play him again too

**If everybody could please try to bring as much PS2 arcade sticks as you can, we are going to need at least 4. because lots of people don’t use PS2 sticks anymore, and newer gen controller dont work with older gen consoles cuz of the USB port in newer gens. So if we have some extra PS2 arcade sticks we will be very gravy


dont know if you still need one, but I’ve got a 32" Trinitron you could have. Only thing is you’d have to come to San Jose to pick it up and carry it out of the house… it’s pretty heavy. would need two people.


I will be there both days. Unfortunately, I have no equipment to contribute. I am fine using a standard PS2 pad tho.


Okay that sounds fine. I’ll keep searching. Until then, get your ass to the events because if we can hype it up, we can start hosting oldskool regular events


anyone showing up tonight?


I will be there for sure. :smile: Can’t wait to meet you guys. I’ll be rockin a silver and black tie and glasses.


Hmmm. Not lookin good for CvS turnout. :disappointed: Well, I’ll show up anyway since I’m here. If there’s no CvS, I’ll jus bounce early.


Thank you for hosting CvS last night Extravagant, I had a lot of nostalgic fun. Maybe Friday I can round out the experience with Ricky O bodying me with A Grrove random characters for old times sake. ; )


You are very welcome sir! I’m running another event tonight. Hopefully more people show up!


Everyone flaked out but I still went and had fun playing for 5 hours. I played with Joe and Johnny tonight.


I woulda played, but it didn’t look like you had extra pads for PS3. :disappointed:


FYI this month’s caliburst has been moved to next Saturday.
We will hold CvS2 then.


Can you gimme some info on Caliburst? Where its at, exact date and time, is anyone welcome? Thanks.


It should be noted that that means Caliburst falls on the 14th aka Valentine’s Day. I won’t be able to make it, can you find somebody to bring a ps2 setup?


where is Calliburst anyway? What’s the address time and location? I’ll go just to see wussup


I think this is it… At least what the Op says


doesn’t look like there’s cvs2 in their tourney listing


That’s dogfight; that is the other event that is more anime fighters themed.
Caliburst is at the same location, but normally its first Saturdays of the month. This time it was just moved over one more week.
CvS2 is one of the main event games for Caliburst now.


Is it alright if I come next Saturday? The only thing I am concerned about though is the fact that it is on Valentine’s Day. I wonder if people are going to go. But I’ll go anyway, I wanna see what these guys are up to. and I’ve been hungry for some CvS2 action.