CvS2 bay areaaaaaa


I’ll drag my girl to this shit if I hafta. Then appropriately sit through fifty shades of grey in return for being a good sport.


I’m going to MGL tonight to host more CvS2 events


Are you going to be hosting CvS2 at MGL every week? I havent played since EO on xbox live, i would love to get back into it.


not every tuesday anymore. the last tuesday was last night, then the main host is going on vacation for 2-3 weeks. He’ll come back after that hosting on Fridays


Sure, come along.
I will also not be there next Saturday, and it doesn’t seem like the regular TOs will be there either. CvS2 players are mostly not single I guess.
You should bring a setup, otherwise there is only one CvS2 cab. There is also one PS2 setup, but no copy of CvS2 IIRC.


Indeed. Another side effect of being the minimum legal age to play cvs2.


So it looks like either Fred or DjCream will TO this week’s CvS2. All the same, please bring setups and sticks. I think there is only one PS2 stick available at the venue.
Both are pretty well known there so just ask around if you don’t know who they are.


I edited the first post with Caliburst information to reduce confusion.

Glad it’s going down this month without us. Good luck, I’ll be back in March!


Are people allowed to play casuals before the tournament start times?


Is the tournament gonna be streamed?


The tourney isn’t that formal. Play casuals before, during, and after the tourney if you like.

We’ve had some technical difficulties streaming cvs2 the past few months. Talk to Fred to see if streaming can happen.


Appreciate the response bro, thank you.


I can’t make it tonight. I ended up stuck with work.


Me too. Ended up stuck with work. AKA, girlfriend.








I feel your frustration. I’m going in March for sure. Are we having a CvS2 event coming up March 7th?


Yeah, March 7th is the next scheduled Caliburst.


@extravagant are you going to be hosting cvs2 casuals next tuesday? Im really interested in learning this game.