CvS2 bay areaaaaaa


I think there will be sessions going on next Tuesday at Golf land. I’ll let you know, not sure yet. It depends if the host is hosting another event, that’s why.

If you want to learn, I can teach you, but it takes a lot of time, this isn’t an easy game to learn. Imagine whatever SF4 is, but 3x harder.


yeah man that be great, just keep me posted.


I can’t make CvS2 for March 7th due to some unexpected work commitments.
Mr. Warzard, can you run it this time?



CvS2 going down at Caliburst this Saturday, 5 PM.


@extravagant are you going to mgl tomorrow?


Hi sorry for late reply yes tonight at MGL CvS2!!!


I’m there!!


cool man see ya there


hey man sorry about last night. did you have fun tho?


yeah last night was dope, but man that shin akuma got me salty not cool man lol.


LOL it’s all good dude he’s broken and cheap as hell. i just use him for fun. dont worry nobody plays him lol


Bummed about no CvS2 at NCR? Come to Caliburst instead! April 4, 5 PM, same deal as always.


THIS one I am coming FOR SURE to. I already marked that day off. Yessss 8)


C’mon out this Saturday to San Carlos for another CvS2 tourney installment. I’ll be there to help run things this time out.

Anybody know a good place to see the May-Paq fight in San Carlos?


I live in Santa Cruz but love me some Cvs2, I used to drive to svgl a couple times a month back in the day, last time I went like a year ago it was so dead, mvl is farther, I would go if I knew it wouldn’t just be vs cpu, I thought mvl was going full laser tag/redemption game route like my Santa Cruz board walk arcade, last time I was at mvl the the cvs2 cab glitches up, bammer. If there is a specific day old people play at mvl let me know.


by mvl I mean the golf land in Milpitas.


As far as I know MGL is dead.

The organizers of MGL events had this back in March, and they had cvs2:

Keep an eye out on their FB page, they may have something else in the works.


We are now hosting events in downtown San Jose on Wednesday and Friday nights. And in San Carlos every month there is 1 tournament.

I finally found my other ps2 with cvs2 so I can bring another setup to Calliburst next time.


You guys have a stream or anything for the SJ event?


I have stream equipment, yes. I may need help setting it up though but I do have the essentials!