CvS2 bay areaaaaaa


Wow…cvs2 players…where in downtown sj ?


Kind of neglected this thread for a while, but Caliburst CvS2 tourneys in San Carlos are still a thing. It’s going down this Saturday, start time is about 6 PM.

I won’t be able to make it out this month, so if somebody could bring an extra PS2 setup, that would be great.


shout outs to senior pyaso , 3rd best cvs2 player in the world … WE DA BESSSSS!!!


Caliburst going down this Saturday. Tournament starts at 7 PM, signups probably start around 5 PM. Let’s have another great turnout!


Any arcades in the Bay Area still have CVS2 or ST?


SF State still has cvs2. I don’t know the hours.


I was all mad that its been so long since Ive logged in. But It seems this thread was near the top of all pac north. Damn


SRK forums ain’t what they used to be, that’s for sure.


been away for a bit but i can come back now, is cvs2 still happening anywhere?


Hey Manabe, yes we still play at GC3. Event has been moved to 4th Saturday of every month, to an event that specializes in Capcom/SNK games. We skipped last month, but will be back on for August.


oh sick, ill try to make it out then, hope to play again!


Cool! Also, let me know if you want to get some casuals at game center before then. I’m busy until the 15th, but after that I can try and make it out.


Round 1 in concord has a growing cvs2 scene


Round 1 has a CVS2 cab?


someone is hosting this now

i dont have facebook or any new stuff so ill just post it here and hope someone sees it lol


Thanks for posting Manabe. I’m working with the host on CvS2.

Will you be making it out?



That address is defunct. Check the first post for the new information on GC3.


oh sweet, yea im gonna do my best to drop by seeya there


Damn…hella forgot to post up about the event on SRK lol…Thanks @KaoriManabe.

If anyone here went, thanks for showing up! Imma try to make this a regular monthly thing. Next couple of months are still up in the air, but I’ll definitely start it up afterwards in 2018.

Keep Rockin Baby!