CVS2:Benimaru thread

My new team R2 Kyo, R2 Benimaru.

Soooo, post your shit.

I’m pretty adept with him in KOF but could use some polishing in CVS2.

Benimaru random stuff

Grooves (imo)- N/A/C/K/A/S

BNB: c lk x3, qcf+hk (then if you have fast reflexes do d,u+k)

Do alot of Kougan Corridor (hcb, f + p) and electiggers (hcb, hcb + p). Use this like you would yamazaki’s super and special throws.
especially turtling bastards.

use Iai Geri (qcf + k) to beat cammy’s cannon spikes and stuff it really stuffs her moves.

main pokes c lk, ck mk, f + mk, s hk, drill kick (really good recovery)

anti airs- people say that his DP K really needs to be rc for it to be a good AA but it does do the job for me most of the time. i havent really check this out yet. if you feel that dp k sucks just use his jump hp. its really good as a air to air move and AA.

this is my main super combo c lk x2, c mk, deni spark (qcf, qcf + k) this combo is really stylish hehe :). try to use this in a match it is really easy, if not just cmk in super.

ill post more stuff later…

I dunno about anti-air CCs but here’s the standard ground CC I use:

activate, f+mk, f+fp x n, qcf x 2 p

its great for close to mid-range and it owns fireballs for free.

Anti Air CC:
DP + HK, whiff, [sj. hp x2]x3, [sj.hpx3]xN, qcf, qcf + k.

found it off gunter’s site… etc.

i can’t give you anything because Capcom watered him down and all my good combos with him is in King of Fighters.sorry

then don’t post at all

His DP+K is actually good for preventing cross ups since the lighting is his hitbox (IIRC) I used it to prevent that.

Benimaru’s fairly good in this game, his rushing game is a lot better then in KoF games IMO. s.lp qcf+hk ud+k is a fairly good combo to use. I still haven’t figured out how to link that fugly Lighting fist of his though from a combo. =P

his dp+roundhouse is good, but it has to be pretty deep. It won’t always beat hi priority air attacks if u do it early.

He’s good in A-groove, except for his high jump.

He’s my ghetto Sagat counter.

Sometimes, the best CCs are the ones you mess up. If you attempt a ground CC and they block it, punish them with repeated Shinkuu Katategoma(hcb+K) until your meter runs low; ending it with a Raikou Ken(2xqcf+P). It does about 90% guard damage and about 4000 chip damage.

Yeah Mr.Nikaido can hold his own very well in CVS2. Capcom just toned him down to avert the gay. Things like his nigh zero-recovery, multi-hitting shinkuu katategoma. Besides they gave him a rush super which rounds him out quite nicely.

Some shit you guys probably already know but I’ll post anyways: stuffs the infamous Cr.hp.

His grab super is instantaneous which provides some nasty shit you can do as far as ticking and what not.

Aerially he can hold his own very well.

His anti-air Raikou-ken is almost useless.

His d in air +kick is very useful for jump mix-ups.

qcf+kick is a decent poke with priority and can even anti-air some jump-ins(from a distance)

If you ever connect dp+p, do qcfqcf punch.

why hasn’t anyone posted -> qcf lp. It links and if they block, you can follow fairly safely with qcf+kick or dp +kick if they try to jump. Then you can start all over again. They will start to turtle, then you can command throw or super command throw.

Also i found that jumping back and doing a quick down+roundhouse looks weird and will mix up your opponent. They’ll think youre retreating but you come right back.
Also, DP+short is fairly safe. I use it alot.

gimmick teams

I like to pick gimmick teams every now and again like team swords, bigboy, funny run - morrigan, honda, and dhashlim, and my favorite, sexually confused. I pick Benimaru as a ratio 2 in my team sexually confused along with vice and vega or eagle. But i only do it for fun, i usually lose with these gimmick teams.

Well, thats about all i have to say about Benimaru.

try ending his ground CC with f+mk, hcb x 2 + P

the opp in the corner jumpin fk crouching fp level 3 raikou to the level 1 it takes alot have to be on s or n groove

roll xx throw super. his roll has 3 frame recovery (best in the game). punish blanka balls with > + forward. his j. short ownz lotta characters in air and on ground (blanka anyone and vega anyone?). also remember that his dp is kick ass and does not need to be RC’ed 95% of the time. If done deep, it trades very rarely with a jumping. Its also good on ground. I dunno what fools keep talking about when they say its not good. RC is overrated. Just like CVS1 Nak.

Are you talking about DP+kick?

yes…its a good AA…

Roll xx super grab…
what a great strategy

I agree about dp+kick. Its a great anti-air. I mainly use the short because of the great recovery. Dp+kick in combination with qcf+p and qcf+kick make for a great zoning game.