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I use Benimaru a lot, actually. He’s a mainstay on my A-Groove team. Anti-air Custom has already been mentioned, but one thing about the Ground Custom: if you do Towards + Forward into Standing Fierces, it’ll whiff against Crouching Opponents. ALWAYS start off the Custom with Crouch Short into Fireball + Short into Towards + Forward into Fierces. The knee will make Crouching enemies stand-up upon contact, so this will be guaranteed.

Learn the timing of his Towards + Forward Kick. Do NOT use it as offense, use it as a reaction. If enemy tries to attack but whiffs, throw it out, for example. Use it only as offense when you know the opponent is scared and not sticking moves out. Then, after the enemy blocks it, follow-up with Crouching Short into QCF + Short. Both characters recover mostly at the same time, though Benimaru may recover just 1 frame earlier. Because if you learn this timing, MOST opponents will fall for it and get nailed by the two-hit Combo. And if they start Blocking, do a Crouch Short, then ANOTHER Towards + Forward Kick. They’ll be expected the two-hit Combo, but you do that instead for pressure. An alternate follow-up is to Jump straight up and do Down + Roundhouse. Just for mix-up’s sake.

But put two and two together! After Towards + Forward kick, if your enemy just HAS to try to attack you afterwards, activate CC and do the BNB Custom Combo (end the Stand Fierce barrage with Towards + Forward into the Elec-Trigger. Just be careful NOT to mash Fierce too fast, or you’ll push Benimaru too far away. Do it with a rhythm).

Anti-air is a Jumping Fierce if you can predict their Jump. It’s really fast and can sometimes be used as reaction. Jump towards them with Fierce and when you land, grab them with a Benimaru Collider or Elec-Trigger. And if they catch on, just greet them with Crouching Shorts when they land and do Crouching Short x 3 into Fireball + Short. At this distance, though, you can’t tack on the D, U + Kick.

I don’t really play Benimaru much outside of A-Groove. I think, without a doubt, it’s his best Groove because his Customs are really good… 300% better than his Supers, IMO. Anti-Air Custom is really good, too. And he still has his Level 1’s for the Elec-Trigger, which is good enough (can’t jump out of it on reaction like you can against Level 1’s from Maki and Yamazaki). Running and Low Jump don’t bring much to the table for Benimaru, since he isn’t that good at Rushdown and his Low Jump is still higher than most people’s normal jumps. :slight_smile:

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While Benimaru kicks a whole lotta ass in A groove, and while A groove might even be his strongest, i wouldnt completely take away from N. The cr.jab->>qcf qcf K (qcf qcf + P also combos in as well, slightly harder to do, but slightly more damage) is a great combo and level 3’s take away a good chunk o life. Also, the roll into lv 3 throw super, while risky, is my personal favorite for punishing projectiles or other things.


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Anyways to get back on topic, i like benimaru in a groove if I use him, but that would be never anyways.




The only thing I use that hasn’t been mentioned is his sweep in to level 3 flash super (qcf * 2 punch). Good if you zone with Benimaru, and find an chance to sweep your opponent.


Wow. Thats kickass. Its a little harder to do than>qcfqcf+k. The timing has to be more exact. But it looks way better.

Whats your zoning game?




When I play Benimaru, I like to use his c.forward and his j.short a lot. The c.forward is an excellent poke, with good range and speed. The j.short is just great for crossups… and it leads to his c.short x3, front kick combo. I also use straight up j.roundhouse as a modified poke, as well as take off roundhouse. If they don’t jump when I do a take off roundhouse, I land with a kick DP. Even I am surprised at how often that DP hits.

Also, one other use for the twd.forward that I don’t think anyone has mentioned is to move in close after a knockdown. That’s how I use it most of the time… outside of CCs that is. My main CC is the one I put in my 2nd Anti-Air CCs video - DP+rh-DP+fierce-twd.forward, DP+rh-twd.forward, DP+rh-roll, DP+rh-whiff c.short, [j.fierce x3]x2, FB+fierce, qctx2+P. My other CCs I put in the Benimaru video on my site.


I was playing a pretty good haohmaru yesterday, and kept getting my ass beat because he was poking and it was near impossible for me to get in close. Then i started doing the roll into throw super, and that turned out to be EXTREMELY effective for non stop poke characters, as they usually don’t throw you out of the roll since theyre too busy poking. Does anyone else know how to get thru a good poker like haohmaru or hibiki?


I’ve always said this, but rolling is part of a good footsie game. Rolling through pokes and countering is a very good tactic. It’s rolling in for no good reason that gets you killed. I’m not sure about Hibiki, but against Haohmaru, I suggest sweeping and going for crossup combos. Also do j.short to throw super once in a while. Haohmaru doesn’t really have a lot to him. The only thing you REALLY need to be worried about is his fierce, and if he whiffs that, you can retaliate pretty safely.


Maybe I was doing something wrong… but I remember my friend was beating Blanka straight up jump FP, w/ Beni’s j straight up RH.

IMO this makes for some really annoying jumping straight up games for him. You can use j str up RH to create space… and when they try do something like suppose a Blanka slide as an AA… u can use j d RH to hit it… and then u have the mixup option of CC or command grab.

I don’t really play Beni… just throwing in some possible tricks w/ him/


I’m no Benimaru wizard, but I find it near impossible to play him now. I’m not sure if its actually inferior, but I find his command throw to be the hardest to land for me in CvS2. I used to use it as a main part of his game in CvS1 (right or wrong) and am helpless without it.

Any tips unique to Benimaru on his thorw?


Having a 3-frame-recovery roll and a super throw makes Beni prime candidate for roll xx super. RS that shit. I’m not joking. That’s the funny part.


Landing Benimaru’s Throw isn’t hard at all, in fact it’s probably one of the ones I land most often because people seem to forget he has a Special Throw.

But the things is, all my throws are prefaced by something else that has given enemy the reason to pause. Like I’ll do a Jumping Fierce anti-air, land with the enemy and go into Crouching short x 3 into Fireball + Short. Since they tried something when they landed, they’ll get nailed. Next time, I’ll Jumping Fierce them out of the air, I’ll let them land and then Throw them instead. Granted, this isn’t 100%… there are some people who NEVER learn and try something every single darn time!!! Grrrgrhgrhgh. But I’m not bitter. :slight_smile:

In any case, landing Throws with Benimaru really does need to have mind games prefacing it. Meaty Crouch Shorts when they get up, then do one Crouch Short into Throw next time. After a Jumping Down + Roundhouse perfectly distanced, the Throw can grab REALLY fast (if you land too far away, though it’ll miss. Otherwise, Down + Roundhouse from the air causes such little Block Stun that you can grab almost the instant you land).

You can even go to an enemy getting up, throw out a Crouching Short BEFORE they get up, let them get up and THEN grab them. But do this only to people you’ve discouraged from doing wake-ups.

All of these places (especially just letting the enemy get up and just straight out grabbing them) also work with the Super Throw.

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after being hit with his jump feirce I think the opponent can hit the ground and go for a throw and it will beat the low shrt.Ive had this happen.


if you ever go into the QCF+ K into D, U +K and it gets blocked, a follow up of DP+K will usually catch most people off guard.

Benimaru also has an Air throw which I find useful against K/P groove jump-ins every now and then.

Also walking shorts following by crouching forwards when you’re out of range is a great pressure tactic.


Actually, only Zangief can do this with an SPD.

Throws have start up in CvS2. There’s a certain amount of non-invincible frames beofre a Throw starts. So if you time the Crouch Short properly, they cannot THrow you. DP you? Yes. Throw? No.

UNLESS you are just mashing Short. They can definitely land in between kicks and Throw in time. But a well-times kick, the enemy can never throw.

The only way I will believe you can is if you play against Bison, let him Jumping Fierce you out of the air, land and do Crouch Roundhouse (Bison’s slide). If you can Throw Bison out of that move (since no timing for Meaty-ness is necessary), then I will believe you can land and beat a Meaty attack with a Throw.

So far, only Zangief can do that. Not even Raiden can do it. Other Super Throws, maybe, but that’s because they have invincibility frames. Oh, and Geese’s Counters are also zero frame.

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