Cvs2: Blanka thread

[CvS2] Blanka Thread

Whether you love him or hate him(most people hate him), you still have to realize that he is one of the best people in CvS2.
That’s one reason why I’ve made this thread entirely devoted to the electric, green beast. Post any comments, strats, combos, and questions you have in this thread.

help w/ blanka combos

I use C-Groove blanka and im really good right now, but I want to learn more combos. The only one I know now is jump in rh then c. rh. The only reason I win and im good is because I mix it up a lot. Can anyone tell me some other good combos/super combos with Blanka?

help w/ blanka combos

If the only combo you know is jump in rh then c. rh, then you aren’t really good. :lol:

What if you don’t like him, nor hate him. I guess I’m neutral then. Anyways, still don’t know why he’s so godly, except when Japan plays, RC all of his specials. Now that’s crazy shit. You can never shoot at him, unless you are like 10 miles away. You can’t cross-over him, as he’ll shock you, with a RC added in. Then again… I haven’t faced any good Blanka player that I haven’t been able to take out.

my blanka’s pretty good. here are some of the things i do to annoy/win. i play blanka in c-groove and n-groove

cross up mk, electricity, c.hp, slide for a “poking string”

run, run s.wp, run s.wp, run for pressure

to trick your opponent and fake him out
whiff x 2, whiff x 2, then throw out a ball or superball

versus a player who likes to get close and throw a lot, mash s.fp like 3 times when hes close to u. s.fp is an awesome counterhit attack

a trick is to roll, then leap and throw
or run and leap, and throw

i sometimes do, crossup mk,, s.lp, (cancel into leap), throw

short jump RH,, c.hp, slide,,, (hop back) for pressure and safety

jumping/short jump straight up fierce for anti air

also… sometimes after crossup mk,, then walk up throw. people don’t expect tick throws from blanka to work for some reason, and as such, it works especially well

COMBO’S - ball/superball
(close) c.hp - superball
(close) - superball
deep mk, c.wk, s.wp, fierce ball

can someone tell me how to roll cancel electricity?

edit: i’ve seen a blanka use close (head butt) cancel into hop and throw before, but i have problems finding the opportunity or the right way to do it, problem with my distancing/timing maybe

I’ve read somewhere on SRK recently that a trick to doing it is something like this:

jab, fierce, jab+short, strong, fierce.

Apparently pressing the punch button 5 times gets out the electricity. The motion should be smooth like rolling your fingers across the buttons or something like that. Damn, I just can’t remember what thread it was that I read this :frowning:

i heard that in the Japanese finals of some tourney or something like that, peole used lvl3 for wakeup and get hit by blanka’s electricity :evil:

if blanka’s using RC electricty, what can hit him out of it ? or is it really invincible for the whole time that he is like that, or just for the length of the roll?

i’m pretty sure its not forever… or else you can just hit your opponent once and do that the rest of the match… lol

I need help doing the leap foward into lv 3 super. Can anyone help me with this? I see the japanese pull it out like nothing. LoL. And that electricty thing is crazy!! :eek: Thanks in advance.

I need help with that too, I can only pull it off about 10% of the time.

how is that possible? because when u leap forward, u arent charging at all, seems impossible to do a level 3super INSTANTLY after a leap forward

I’d like to know what vid. though.

In credit of Apoc at you guys looked there…you’d find it):

You can find the rest here:

This trick is almost identical to roll cancelling, cept alot easier

Is blanka a good ratio 2? Or does he have to be at ratio 3?

I don’t use Blanka but I was wondering if you guys have actually done this to someone. My opponent played K-Blanka and he was raged. He knocked me down and as soon as he saw me in the “get up” animation on the ground, he did the Lightning Ball super on me and hit.

I know this super covers Blanka on both sides and the super hit me from his back side, not his front side as I got up. Of course I tried to block thinking the super would hit me from his front side. So I’m just wondering if this is unstoppable or if I simply was just crossed-up and had to block the other way?

you blocked the wrong way
just do a delayed get up to mess up their timing

In most peoples opinon he’s a really basic character, but from what I’ve seen he can really do alot more than jus hop around and throw out random pokes. Plus i noticed that there is no Blanka thread anywhere. So jus post avanced or simple Blanka tactics here.

I’m also pretty sure Blanka has his good and bad match-ups. Anyone wana post on how to fights his bad matches, like against Chun-li, Cammy. I don’t do to good in those matches when I pick Blanka.

Well anyways jus post it up all here. l8r

Blanka is all about the Fierces. J. HK owns, J.Hp is pretty good,S.Fierce owns,S.Fk is good,C.Hp sets up Blanka balls great b/c it has long animation, D.f Hp is a nice little trick,C.Hk has its uses. And thats just fierces. Can poke with C.MK. Anyone else know of any good normals?Roll Cancelled Blanka Balls and electricity own. Nobody plays around here much anymore, so I couldn’t give good/bad matchups. There is way more to him than that, I’ll let someone else more experienced elaborate.

If you can’t RC electricity or Blanka Ball, you shouldn’t be playing Blanka. Not saying he’s worthless without it, but it makes him THAT much better and THAT much scarier and THAT much cheaper.

does blanka have any anti crossup ??? or a special move that had invincibility frame at startup

you can try the electricity or his electrical shout super