Cvs2: Blanka thread

i am wondering what you think about a k-groove blanka? i use k-groove and have used it since day one, so im purty good in k-groove. like, do you think he needs to be in a groove where he can RC–>electricity? cuz i have found him pretty affective where i play but i dun play too much real competition, only a couple somebodies now and then. his small hop pokes and cross up into fierce electricity for block damage has been pretty good to me. just wonderin, lataz

LMAO I guess I approached this thread wrong for my post to last 5 min.

Let me try again

K Groove Blanka is the fucking shiet. Yes I like to RC his moves but K groove counters Roll Cancel. Blanka is top 2 in the game and is great in EVERY goove. Use K groove to JD roll cancel and punish with Blanka’s ridiculous normals.
Also Blanka should always be moving around…so air JD is GREAT to have. Jumping back and straight up and then acting on reaction(punishing air attacks with Fierce and Roundhouse and JD specials and some ground attacks).
P Groove is good but I prefer run because of running shorts and run and stop(and sometimes JD) mixup.

I hate Blanka.

Blanka is the “fucking shiet”. Didn’t you know?

I know, but he can’t do shit to my Hibiki.

In short…if you can’t Roll Cancel don’t play CvS2 :lame:

i have the worst tyme playing aganist hibiki turtlers to get to them its the hard part but when i get in close i jus rush her down she cant do much is that the only strat when fighting her or is there somthing diffrnet …let meeh know!!

Blanka owns hibiki… the answer to small jump, blanka’s jump jumps own turtlers learn to use it flawlessly and turtlers will die quickly… His roundhouse and fierce punch are both great for the task, if you small jump from farther away use roundhouse, up close i would suggest fierce punch.

hibiki’s crouching fierce beats blanka’s low jumps