CVS2: C-Groove Thread

I saw an S-groove and A-groove thread so I decided to try and make one for C-groove. Post any good level two cancels or any other strategies you have for C-groove.
I’ll post some obvious Sagat ones even though he can do better in N-groove most likely(thanks to run and short jump).
Tiger GenocideXXF. Tiger Uppercut
Tiger GenocideXXHigh Tiger Shot Super
High Tiger Shot SuperXXLow Tiger Shot Super(Far Screen)…opposite for close up. I know those are pretty obvious but please post some better stuff you think might improve other people’s C-groove play. Thanks in advance…

air gaurd is every useful and so is roll… thats all i have to say…

Beware of low jump grooves who are knowledgable of the air guard break. If somebody you’re playing has a low jump groove, they can jump at you with an attack, you block, they land first and can proceed to hit you or super you afterwards.

Lvl 2 Cancels that come to mind immediately are…

Balrog - Lvl 2 Crazy Buffalo -> Fierce Headbutt

Chun-Li - Lvl 2 QCFx2+K super -> RH Lightning Kick, c.Jab, c.Strong xx Lvl 1 QCFx2+K super

Eagle - Lvl 2 QCFx2+P super -> HCF+Forward or Lvl 1 QCFx2+P super

Rolento - Lvl 2 Grenades -> KK->RH (jump backwards)

Sagat - Lvl 2 QCBx2+K super -> Fierce Tiger Uppercut / Lvl 1 QCFx2+P super
- Lvl 2 QCBx2+P super -> Lvl 1 QCB+P super

Yamazaki - Lvl 2 Guillotine -> DP+Strong / DP+RH
- Lvl 2 Drill (in corner) -> QCB+Jab

M.Bison - Lvl 2 Knee Press Nightmare -> Fierce Psycho Crusher (DP+Fierce in the corner)

Ryu - Lvl 2 Shinkuu Hadoken -> QCB+RH

Ken - Lvl 2 Shoryureppa -> QCB+RH (still in the air)
- Lvl 2 Shoryureppa -> QCB+Jab, DP+Jab, Lvl 1 Shinryuken (Courtesy of erco)

Akuma - Lvl 2 QCFx2+P super -> QCB+Short, DP+Fierce

Guile - Lvl 2 Total Wipeout -> Lvl 1 Somersault Strike or RH Flash Kick

Cammy - Lvl 2 Spin Driver Smasher -> QCB+RH (while in air), land, RH Cannon Spike or Lvl 1 Reverse Shaft Breaker

Maki - Lvl 2 QCFx2+P super -> QCF+Fierce

Raiden - Lvl 2 QCFx2+P super -> Lvl 1 HCBx2+P or Ready-Go | Lvl 2 HCBx2+P -> Lvl 1 HCBx2+P or Lvl 1 QCFx2+P or Ready-Go

my fav c groove character is rugal. He gains a lot from this groove because for a big guy, rugal is friends with the air so the block is a good beneifit. Plus, i think he has the quickest roll in the game and his throws are strong as shit.

He also has a good super combo,

c.jab, c.jab, god press into level 2 genocide kick super, air wp eye lasers into a level 1 genocide kick super. Mad damage and very easy to do.

My normal c groove team is, morrigan, bison, and a 2 rugal.

Bison doesn’t have any effective cancels, but morrigan has one. U hit the level 2 uppercut super, once that ends, do a air fireball super.

All in all though, i’m a scrubby mother fucker and always will be till the end of days.

You are smoking crack if Bison doesn’t have a good cancel, Claw Vega is the one with the shitty cancels.


u can cancel the level 2 sciccor kick super into a level one, but like i said and as u reposted, i said, he doesn’t have any effective ones so what u posted makes no sense what so ever dick.

Ah whatever, i’m lost, i just need my chilly willy and i will be better


Have you even tried using Bison? If you have, you would know he has Lvl 2 Knee Press Nightmare -> Psycho Crusher

forgot the best one with ken:

lev 2 shoryureppa xx command roll, jab dp, lev 1 column super.

Ah what ever all i know is that i’m a scrubby mother fucker so i never play any other grooves except for maybe A and S every now and again just so i don’t seem too predicable with my characters.

As for Bison, that cancels sucks. I mean y waste 2 level bars for that when u can destroy them with a level 3 pycho crusher.

With chars like Yama…Bison…Sagat…Balrog it’s all about RS…aka the CVGL special…aka Roll super…But ya gotta have skills to bust that shit out all the time…Shit it got me through Evolution…hopefully u’ll see my big match on the DVD…Props to the creator of the C-Groove thread…Cause C groove is my Ultimate line of defense…yeah baby…!!!


With Sagat, after a level two Tiger Raid cancel, you should always do the strong Tiger Uppercut instead of the Fierce. Damage scaling takes effect, and you actually do less damage with a Fierce one. Same goes for the super fireball (if you use the level 2 for anti-air).

You should get into the habit of whiffing a Short Funky Kick (hct+short) instead of the command roll - then you can do this combo when you’re just slightly under a full level 3 since the Funky Kick charges meter.

KYO - lvl. 2 qcfx2+mp, qcf+hk, hk, dp, lvl. 1 qcf,hcb+p

cammy - lvl. 2 qcf+mk, (while at peak of super) qcb+k, (on the ground) qcbx2+k

AKUMA - Here is something special with akuma. u can do his lvl. 1 hcb+wp in the corner and after that u can connect a lvl. 2 qcf+mp and cancel that into any special

Terry -with terry i don’t think its worth canceling his lvl. 2 unless u want to be fancy but this one works on any lvl. do his buster wolf in the corner and u can connect a rising tackle

Ken - lvl. 2 shoryureppa, dp+k (must perform before u get into the air)

LOL all i use c groove for i air guard… and that works good for my ass, c groove and n are the shit


because level 2 scissor kick has NO recovery after it misses and still gives Bison the momentum.

Anyways, some of the level 2 cancels I use:

Yamazaki: guillotine, mp serpent slash afterwards

Yamazaki: guillotine, (opponent reaches corner), lp knife slash, OR mp knife slash(best damage for a non-super, but hard to connect), OR flight of tempering kick, OR level 1 guillotine

Sagat: Tiger Raid, mp tiger uppercut. fierce tiger uppercut is 5 weak little hits and there are times that not all of the hits will connect after the raid, thus doing less damage.

Chun Li: kick super, just before she kicks them up, kick super again, and sj. hp

i love using vega in C groove because there are so many possibilities with this guy
wait and use a lvl 3 claw
or bait them into the corner and this is my favorite use a lvl 2 kick super followed by a lvl 1 kick super and watch as they crumble before my vega
or if i want to be fancy any lvl wall dive super because they never see it coming and grab them to death

its too bad that blanka doesnt have a lvl 2 canceled super even though his lvl 3s are awesome enough alone

You know, doing the Level 3 uppercut super does more damage than that,

No it doesn’t. Where are you getting this information? I just verified it - Level 3 DP Super = 5900 (it’s not a mashable super, so this is constant if done deep).

Level 2 DP Super+Level 1 Air FB Super = 6445.
Level 2 DP Super+Level 1 Ground FB Super = 6645.

The key is to let the DP super hit for all 8 hits. For the Ground FB Super, you have to do it as soon as you land.

However, neither FB Super connects against a cornered opponent. But there, Level 2 FB Super + Level 1 DP Super even does more, at 6232.

But hell, if you’re comboing into it, you can only really do her Raging Demon, so it doesn’t really matter - this is for AA purposes only, really…

This can’t work You’ll never ever cross them up during the combo, so there’s no reason to do the second super the opposite way.

A few notes with Kyo - if you trade on an AA Jab DP, you can get a free hit afterwards, no matter what level meter you have. You can do any level qcb-hct+p (if you do level 2, you can cancel into any of his specials/supers), and if you DON’T have a level, you can immediately do his rekka sequence that ends in the ground pound (whiff qct+jab, hcb+jab, jab - you can also use strongs instead)!

I believe the ground pound combo can be done in any groove (I know for sure it works in A).

THat last part of the combo was a typo:lol: . . . Revision:
lvl. 2 qcfx2, qcf+hk,hk, dp+hk . . . if u get them to the corner then u could do a hcb+hk for mor damage instead of the dp+hk