CVS2: C groove (when to counter attack?)


I want to see how other player’s use “counter attack”./air block/tactal recovery When is the right time to use it? How to make the most of it ,and use it to your advantage.

No flames please… like… " counter when your being chiped in A groove dumb ass" or …air block when… “guile does a flash kick” ECT… ECT… blah… blah… blah.

I think people dont use it enough. I know this in not A3 but I’ve seen “Apoc” counter like a million times a match.:slight_smile: :lol:
just want some imput that’s all.


This is just my 2 cent. I think the main reason that counter is not used as often as it was in A3 is because of the roll. I usually tend to use it when I get rushed down in the corner by characters like Sagat or Cammy. Their pokes are strong and quick. It is risky to try to roll pass them. Do the counter and try to put a distance between you and the person you play against. But, since there is RC now, I think that isn’t too much use of the counters other than getting out of A groove. On top of that, some characters’ counter sucks. Ex. Blanka’s counter to Sakura’s running DP.


I think the reason a counter attack isnt used as often is because the lack of damage and the deduction to your guard meter. It can be used to change the momentum though.

edit: and rc doesnt affect counter attacks at all. Counter attacks will pretty much work the same on all RC moves as normal moves. im not too sure if there are exceptions, but for the most part by the time rc’d moves hit you they have no more invincibility frames. Im not sure if this even matters though…