CvS2: Cammy's B&B's and Super set ups

hey, i just picked up cammy because, well, i was playing in the arcade and some guy royally handed my ass to me with her… so i thought i’d give her a try, and her pokes are superb, but i dont know any of her B&B’s or super set up, xept for c.forward into cannon spike or super… any tips are much appreciated

some good poke stuff anytime you hit fp hit rk. It’s really weird but it combos. If you can get if off you can super after that. Wouldn’t recommend to try that in a match unless you perfect it. What groove are you using anyway? She’s top tier in any groove.

As far as I know if you dont do the super soon enough after the RH it doesnt come out. The FP->RH is REALLY easy to combo though.

You only need two combos.

Bread & butter combo: cr. strong, cr. forward, qcf+roundhouse. This combo gives you 99 seconds to see if it hits or not. If you don’t have the reaction time to see if it hits before tagging on the spiral arrow, never play CvS2 again.
Super combo: close fierce, qcfx2+K. No need to cancel. It links. It’s the easiest super combo in the game. It’s easier than Terry’s close fierce super combo. If you can’t get this to combo, never play CvS2 again.

i really like doing cr mp, cr mp into spiral arrow or super. it looks really cool.

Cammy’s bread and butter/super set up/ guard break strings should always start with C.Jab->S.Fierce. This makes things easier and more effective imo

Bread and Butter : C.Jab->S.Fierce->Roundhouse Spiral arrow
Even though C.Strong->C.Strong/C.Forward=>Spiral arrow does more damage but C.Jab is faster and C.Jab->S.Fierce is a better blocked string for Cammy if they happen to block.

Super Setup: C.Jab->S.Fierce->Super or C.Jab->S.Fierce->S.Roundhouse->lvl 3 on bigger characters.

Guard Break Strings: C.Jab->S.Fierce->S.Roundhouse

C.Jab->S.Fierce->C.Forward->walk up S.Roundhouse
C.Jab->S.Fierce->C.Forward->Short Spiral arrow
C.Jab->S.Fierce->hooligan shiet

c.Jab as in

this sums it up, you dont’ need any of those jab comboes.

(Eh, so the post’s 14 days old, what the heck…)

Jab = LP
Strong = MP
Fierce = HP

Short = LK
Forward = MK
Roundhouse = HK

standing fierce + standing roundhouse 2qcf + k

nasty if you can get the timing right for this. P groovers I know here on the west coast abuse he hell out of this.

Am I retarded? How does one link Cammy’s s.rh into her smasher??

What do you mean by smasher?

2qcf + k

When you hit roundhouse keep the button it held down, then with your other finger hit lightkick or forward and it should come out easy

It’s not a link, it’s a cancel and it only works at lvl 3.

If you can get into range for a s.HP by all means do so. s.HP gives you all the time in the world to hit confirm.

Ya, I got that one down cold. I’d just like to be able to pull the s.rh out when possible. More damage if I can s.fp, s.rh, lvl 3 spin drive smasher right?
So if it only works at lvl 3, then holding down rh and tapping low or medium won’t work, right? How is it done then?

It will if you’re in P/S/N/K.

Maybe I was trying in C. I do use N though. What does the stick movement/input look like? Cancel huh? Does that mean the s.rh animation does not complete?


far s.HK xx qcf(2x)+K, just hit HK and buffer the super input.
I usually combo off HK only against whiffed pokes, and stick with HP for hitconfirms since I have horrible reflexes.

In C you can link either a lvl2 or lvl 3 super after s.HP.

Right on, thanks!