CVS2 Casual action Wednesday 4/11 th


I have nothing but free time tomorrow. If anyone wants some high level cvs2 casual competition, PM me your phone number and I will call you right back. I will drive out to you (almost wherever you are) and we can get to playing!

I’m not bored, I’m just an addict of the game. I have a MAS 360

As early as 9am!!



PM Sent! Been too long since we’ve played man, let’s get some games on.


I left a message. Hit me back.

The school where I work is on spring break.


Anthony, I’m looking out for you.

I’m gonna to talk to some of the boys and try to organize something for today. Either at my place or maybe some other undisclosed secret location. That’s assuming you haven’t made plans already.


Anything for for Albert and Senor Black. I can be at KS2 after 7.


wtfiji if my car is a-ok i be there too.


someone gimmie a call


if anyone is around the 707 area(or any other location) you guys could all play some CVS2 at my place on thursday mornings or nights just in case you need a place to go to get down on some fighting games! yo anthony I’ll hit you up later on today or tomorrow! ight man! peace!


Dang it! if I would of checked this earlier I would have been able to get w/ you guys for some CvS2 action, dang:sad: