CvS2/CFJ Hitbox viewer & data tool for PCSX2 1.2.1 r5875

I’ve released a tool to view hitboxes for CvS2 and CFJ (look at Leo’s boxes, I dare you). Requires CheatEngine 6.4.

Has a framestep feature and hitbox viewer. Tested on NTSC-U CvS2 and NTSC-U and PAL CFJ. Do not rely on the framestep for turbo frame data, they will always be in normal! Use PCSX2’s video recording function if you want that.
The script will lag upon clicking “Start Diagnostics.” This is normal. The reason for it is because it is scanning for the throw breakpoints. To get them, select a character with an air throw (such as Raiden with his DP+P), perform the regular ground throw until the breakpoint list pops up, then perform the air throw until the breakpoint changes (this is easy to see if you just select any random thing in the list; once the air throw causes it to select a green item in the list, you’re good to go and the lag should stop).

HUGE thanks goes to Jedpossum for his findings in his MvC2 deconstruction thread that aided in the creation of this script.


Anybody care to take up the task of posting some of the hitboxes?

I can, just pm me.

Is there anyway to overlap it on the actual character model?

Sorry for the late reply! But as for overlapping it, not that I know of. I’d have to somehow hack PCSX2’s drawing routine, not sure how feasible that would be. I’ve also heard of a DLL inject that CE can do, not sure if I could do it that way.

The best way of overlapping it for now is to do it on a MUGEN SFF built using Insanius/LBS’s CvS2 or CFJ sprite rips all added at the same axis (I think he includes the axis in a .txt file that’s in the archive, if not, let me know). You’ll need to check “scale CLSNs” and then “copy CLSNs” and paste it in the .AIR file as text.

On the bright side, for now, you could check the Eagle and Boxer I’ve made for their CLSNs at least =P

And it turns out I was wrong. I got them displaying in-game now:

And of course everyone’s favorite:

You can get the latest script at my GitHub page:

Please read the FAQ and let me know if there are any problems! I’m working on a Dreamcast version today for DEmul.

Hi Jesuszilla - wondering if you’re still active on these forums? Would love your help with displaying hitboxes for some other games on PS2!