CvS2 Challenge SteveH!

Title is self explanatory. Terms are negotiable.
2/3 $10-20
3/5 $20-50

come get some.

edit: seems everyone is scared.

5 bux a match per person against team KS2.

Eric “Leezy” Lee, John Choi, Ricky Ortiz, 4D, Buktooth.

Go tell em that.

i’m a little broke but a 2/3 for $10 might be cool

i’ll let you and steve know when i get there on thursday if i spot y’all

this steve h v. ksII is lookin to be hot shit

I know that they have some plans on a team format mm of steve and MD players vs some norcal/ks players, but this shouldn’t interfere with that. You can consider those taken tho we’ll see you at evo.


yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa steven!!!

Justin vs Steve…we need to shake off some demons…whats good?

being as how steve has money matched justin well over a dozen times in the past, im gonna have to hold off on that one till i can get some confirmation. I doubt he would turn it down but Im not certain of (large) stakes.

sounds fun. let’s do 3/5 for 50 for old times sake (also, nobody else ever wants to mm me)

I posted up a proposal for a mm with you like 5 months ago, and never got a response :confused:

EDIT- here.

i do
i want to use both a and n
3/5 20$

and vs campbell biiing match 3/5 also

^shit just got interesting.

thrax runback…I like me!

STEVE H. > KS2 !!!

I put double or nothing on STEVE vs. 90% of SHE-STONE 2 ( KS2).


in the imortal words of Albert

“We Just Got A Real Match!”