CvS2 Character Cloning



ya, bad glitch… how hard is it to do?


i take it due to needing to be on random and end like that its impossable in vs mode.


Wtf? Who cares about the VS. mode screen.
You can go to extra options and turn on an option that allows for multiple character selelction.

This glitch is more powerful on the arcade.
Where that option is not available.


Son of a bitch this game just keeps getting more and more broke :eek:

That’s it, there IS a Cable code in this game. I know it. Where’s he hiding at!


Broke?? Rc’s dont make it broken… and this doesnt by any means make it broken!! :lol: :lol: :lol: it’s like too hard to realisticly do frequently anyways! If you try getting sagat and you miss… you will most likely get Yun! lol.


And we thought tournaments were boring before…now you don’t even need random third.


i’m well aware of that, i was just asking if it works in vs mode where random and end arent right next to eachother.


i think that RCs are broken in the classical definition of the word

broken, meaning that something is not working properly

this is another glitch, and another gaping hole in the programming


Will the CvS2 wonders never ceace? So, if RC’s are allowed in tourney’s as long as you have the skill to use them, will Blanka/Sagat/Sagat teams be allowed as long as you have your technique down with this glitch?

Like someone said it’s rolling the dice, but going by the consensus on roll cancel, if you can pull it off, more power to ya.


too sick…thats all I gotta say…



That’s pretty damn cool.

After trying it a few times, you’ll notice that the random generator starts from Geese and goes left to right, and wraps around. Thus, Akuma becomes Sagat, Dan becomes Bison, etc.


Haha, damn… Imagine this:

A Groove Sakura/Bison/Bison vs A Groove Sakura/Bison/Bison

I don’t really see how you’d ban this cloning from tournament play, but, imo, it would make it very boring.

“Oookay, so I have to fight 2 Sagat’s, no problem, not much change in strategy to catch me off guard.”

Really, why would you want to choose same characters but only to find out your opponent had “perfect counter character” for those clones and get owned for free? I’d rather choose different characters than to have Blanka/Sagat/Sagat or some shit.

Plus, there’s a chance that you would fuck it up in tournament play… “Wait wait wait!!! I didn’t mean to choose this character!! Start over please!!” That would be annoying. I’m not too worried about this new glitch. Just accept it and move on, and don’t turn this into “OMFG RC IS GAMEBREAKING” chaos.


Supposedly, the glitch is banned from use in tournaments in Japan.


It would seem so. IMO, K and A groove would dominate even more in this manner. Say something like… A-Sakx2/Bison-2 or vice versa, or K-Kyo/Sagat/Sagat-2


RCs are broke. Interesting, but broke. That talk has been done. As for this new glitch, “People won’t be able to do it consistantly.” Isn’t that what a lot of people tried to claim about Roll Cancels. Why yes, it is. Some people will be able to do this consistantly. I don’t care either way if this gets banned or not. But unlike RCs, this is quite easy to ban. It would be difficult to completely ban RCs because they can be difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. It’s not too hard to see 2 Sagats on one team, now is it?


hahah 4 ratio 1 Sagats LOL

That would rule.

sooooo boring… zzzzzz


I think that random select should be banned in any tournament where you have to play one team. At Super Battle Opera I signed up as random select/Yamazaki/Hibiki just because I was feeling pretty confident in my ability to pick out whoever I wanted. And some of the time it worked. I got to look at what my opponent was picking and pulled out counter character to them a couple times, like pulling out Vega in my first match and pulling out Joe in my 2nd match.
People have known that there’s a pattern to random for some time now. Basically anyone who played Tekken and had their favorite character on time release at least has some proficiency in picking characters out of random. Yeah I screwed it up a few times in tournament but with a little practice you can just eyeball the random select and get whoever you want.
It’s too bad I had to leave SBO early, otherwise I would have abused it way more. Too much of an advantage.

–Jay Snyder


Hmm, that was a wierd double post I made :bluu:


456M GT did it and recorded it… check it out.