CvS2 Character (real) Basic Videos


ok, i shoed some people here my cvs2 bacsic vids and they liked it =)

They r only Basic stuff on the vid, a few antiairs, some bnb combos, some pokingstrings… and one or two basic customs.

I want to know ure opinion about my vids, but i know that there r still some things missin like the linkcombos. Thats why a second movie will come out for some charas with advanced stuff like link combos, other customs with setups, and some tactics and tricks.

and i thought i can post all my videos here, but no direct link, cuz of my transfervolume.

Thats why u get edonkey/emule, and i try to make bittorentfiles.


Bison Basics
Blanka Basics
Cammy Basics
Chun Li Basics
Geese Basics
Guile Basics
Iori Basics
Joe Basics
Ken Basics
Kyo Basics
Kyosuke Basics
Ryu Basics
Sagat Basics
Sakura Basics
Terry Basics
Yun Basics

hop u like it =) and i think that there r still some people who need stuff like this =D


… ?


these r links for a sharing proggy, emule, to get my character basic vids


Yo, if you want some space for the vids let me know. I don’t know if I could host them all but I’ll see what I can do. If not, its cool.


Hey, I try dl’ing some of the files from emule but it isn’t working. :frowning:
I dl’ed the file you posted for Geese on the Geese strat board and thought it was bad AZZ :cool: !!! Could you do the same for Terry atlease…

Anywho, Thanks a bunch. And how the heck do you pull off the Raging Storm so easily? What stick do you use?

Also, I own the DC version and was wondering if you can unlock any secret stages for that version…




hey man i cant figure out how to get these files… any help appreciated as im looking forward to watching them


ok, i let the links here for one week

NEU Blanka Basics

Iori Basics
Joe Basics
Terry Basics
Ken Basics
Guile Basics
Sakura Basics
Bison Basics
Kyo Basics
Ryu Basics
Chun Li Basics
Kyosuke Basics by popular demand^^
Yun Basics
Sagat Basics
Geese Basics
Cammy Basics

and i use namco and svc stick

and tel me how u like it^^

gokou donwload a few and add them to ure webspace if u want =)


You didn’t put straight up j fp in Blanka’s AA section?


the vids have some nice bkgd music :slight_smile:
evil hoshi, are these vids from the ps2, xbox, or dc version?



I hate to complain when someone’s put in hard work to make videos for us all to enjoy. So please take my comments as constructive criticism!

  1. Some characters need lots of anti-airs listed (e.g. Guile). Some don’t (e.g. Sagat). You don’t need to list 4-5 for each just to fill out a section.

  2. You should list practical combos instead of crazy ones. For example, Cammy doesn’t need to do cr MP -> super. Listing cr mp, cr mk -> spiral arrow, or any combo involving close fierce would be useful for beginners to use. Any combo with Sagat involving st LP x 3 -> super/special or cr lk x 3 -> super/special would be better than close range cr mk -> qcf+k (which can be punished). Etc etc

  3. This goes for poke strings too. Most people only need two poke strings for sufficient variety. Including cr mk, cr mp, slide with Blanka will only confuse people.


i said it on the first post that i dont use any linkcombos, and most of sagats bnb r linkcombos. And thats a bit dificult for beginner, thats ahy i use the easy c.forward and stuff leike that =)

and the german comunity i made this videos for, know that on the page these videos r from is a guide i made, something like a brady guide in pdf format^^ and in that guide is everything listet that is not in the vids =)

and with some other things ure sure right, but i do more to show whats posible or not. In my guide i wrote coments on anything explaining whats good to use and whats not.


Ah, ok. I did not know these videos were a supplement to a guide.

Pretty crazy guide where a sample Chun LI combo is st lp x 2, st lk -> kikosho though :lol:

[shuts up and goes to practice his Ryu sweep -> L3 hurricane kick combo]


hey, first of all, im doin the whole thing alone,

and if u dont like it, just dont watch them


I’m sorry for being rude :frowning: Jerks like me make people not want to contribute things :frowning:


Damn don’t you know nobody can say anything negative or make any suggestions about somene’s posted videos?


these basic videos are pretty helpful to new players like me

but are there any videos out dat are a bit more elite ?


yes. matchvids.


these vids are freaking dope, well the a-groove parts of it, cuz a-groove is my fav


Thanks very much, this will be improve my game undoubtedly.

edit: BTW the PDF attached to the Ryu folder is actually for Iori.


no its nor for iori, by the most charas there is written iori, but its just a fault that i make, is the right combos but i just forgott to wrote the right chara names^^